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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Legend of Zelda Wii U game and a TV Show!?

This post is about one of my (and a friend of my mother's) favorite video game series. THERE IS A WII U LEGEND OF ZELDA GAME COMING OUT IN 2015!!!!!!!! Oh, and Netflix is apparently making a LIVE ACTION Legend of Zelda TV show.

But I want to talk about the New Zelda Wii U game as I am excited about it more than a TV show based off one of my all time favorite video game franchises (speaking of which I still need to beat Wind Waker HD and Skyward Sword. I just now realized I never beaten either of them).

Anyway, the new Zelda Wii U game has a MASSIVE over-world. Which is a good thing for me because I love vast, MASSIVE over-worlds in video games. Also, Link's horse, Epona, has been tweaked with "better A.I.". What does that mean? It Means that Epona dodges obstacles automatically (quote from the gameplay footage from Nintendo's finest: "Horses don't run straight into trees very often").

Image result for legend of zelda wii u sailcloth
MASSIVE over-world!!!

Oh, and we get new combat. Sort of. Because if Link jumps off Epona mid battle, Bullet Time activates and everything goes into SLOW MOTION and while in SLOW MOTION you can aim Link's bow more precisely and deliver... the death blow. Like a kick-butt ninja.

Image result for legend of zelda wii u
Link's new design!!!

By the way Link is getting a redesign. I am torn between "I like the new design" and "it's too different from the iconic green tunic". Wait a Minute! Link wore a outfit identical to this one at the beginning of Wind Waker!!! So chances are this just going to be Link's "starter" outfit. In that case, never mind. I like the new design.

But here is something I want to point out. During the announcement trailer Link only used a bow with some Hi-tech arrows. During the Game Awards Trailer (which showed off actual gameplay) Link used a sword once simply to confirm you can use a sword and exclusively used a bow for the rest of the trailer. That bugs me a LOT. I think Nintendo is neglecting swordsmanship in Legend of Zelda. Considering the most EPIC weapon of all time is a sword (not just any sword. The Master Sword!), it doesn't make any sense to for Nintendo to leave out Swordplay in Legend of Zelda.

Just look at Skyward Sword (look the game has the word "sword" in the name!). The swordplay was good in that game, because Link's sword slashes mimics the player's when they swing the Wii Remote a certain way (even though I see a lot of morons that just waggle it blindly and not make any progress during bosses due to not getting the memo that YOU NEED TO SWING YOUR SWORD A SPECIFIC WAY TO INFLICT DAMAGE). Another good example is Wind Waker. There are a variety of combos you could pull off. And the spin-off game Hyrule Warriors, with like 50 trillion combos per character. Even though you only need one because the enemies in that game are pathetically weak and just die in one hit.

Anyway, This game has very pretty graphics (to me). It reminds me of the graphics of the HD Wii U remake of Wind Waker that I have (and sadly, still have not beaten despite the fact that I bought it as soon as it came out).

Finally, the Sail Cloth from Skyward Sword makes a return.I always liked the Sail Cloth, because it was fun to do epic skydiving and then take no fall damage whatsoever thanks to the sail cloth.

Now on to the TV show. What do we (the public) know about it? It's being made by Netflix. It's Live Action. And... That's it. Not even a screenshot. In fact the show has not even hit the Green Light, meaning it's so early in development that it might not even come to reality. And I don't know if I want a Live Action Legend of Zelda show. First challenge is how are they going to portray Link? Link is almost always portrayed in the games as being almost completely mute, as the Creator of Legend of Zelda wanted the player to project themselves onto Link (hence Link's name because he's the LINK between the game and the player!!!).

Secondly, If this show does become a thing, they have to make it live up to expectations. In fact I guarantee some hardcore fans out are crying "Netflix ruined my childhood!! Oh no!!" before this show even airs.

For more info please go to where there is more info because everything here is all the info I could find and thus, I do not know if there is more info available.

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