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Monday, November 26, 2012

Funky Barn

Funky Barn is what you get from combining a Wii U with whacky farming and cool machinery.

Just to let you know, you might notice little detail about this game. The reason? The only source of info is on the Nintendo website. There are no wikis for this game. And the only wiki that has a article related to this game has only one sentence.

You can name you farm animals and interact with them in many ways. You can pick up a sheep with the cursor and then drop it in a rickety wool shaving device. The wool comes out boxed up and the Sheep comes out with only a few hairs here and there.

Here's a list of known gadgets.
  • Sheep Shaving Device - Grab a Sheep and toss it down the chute. This whacky gizmo will do the rest! The Sheep will cannonball out of the machine (As stated above, the Sheep will have no wool on it except for patches here and there) and the wool will burst out boxed up!
  • Crop Collector - This mini airplane will frantic fly around your farm, harvesting crops at amazing speed. It will land exactly where it launched.
  • Egg Bot - A robot shaped like a egg with a Jack-O-Lantern face. It also has a vacuum on it's back, no arms, and two long mechanical legs end in cowboy boots. It's purpose is to collect eggs that you chickens have laid.
  • Milk Collector - a machine that, true to it's name, milks cows then bottles up the collected milk.

Here's a list of known animals
  • Chicken (Hen) - These chickens lay eggs which you can sell so you have money to buy gadgets with.
  • Chicken (Rooster) - I do not know if roosters are in the game, but since there are Hens, I'm pretty sure there are Roosters
  • Pigs - I don't know what Pigs do in the game.
  • Sheep - Sheep make wool to sell so you have more money in your pocket.
  • Chicks - If a chicken egg hatches before it's harvested, you get a Chick. The role the Chick has is unknown, though it is plausible that They age and become Hens (or Roosters if the Rooster is in the game).
  • Cow - Sheep Wool and Chicken eggs isn't enough to keep money flowing. Cows will make milk which you can sell for even MORE money.

There are possibly going to be more blog posts on this game because it's ultra new (it's not even out yet).

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