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Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Exonaut

Project Exonaut is a game where you combine robotic suits based on Cartoon Network characters, futuristic laser guns and distant planets.

There are two warring factions. The First one is Bonzai Squadron. They specialize in speed. Most of the Bonzai members are red in color. Like all non-realistic suits, Bonzai suits add or subtract details that the original character does/doesn't have.. The other faction is Atlas Brigade. They specialize in strength.

Here's a short list with some of the suits in it.
  • Tina Rex - A T. Rex themed suit. Tina Rex is from The Amazing World of Gumball. The original Tina Rex has a long tail and two fingers. This suit has no tail whatsoever and has five fingers.
  • Ice King - The Ice King suit is based off of the Adventure Time character of the same name. The original Ice King wears a picture-less robe that covers his whole body from the neck down except for the hands. The suit however, has normal pants and a sweater and his feet are exposed AND barefoot, also his new sweater has flames painted on them. Odd actually. Because his weakness is heat. Because heat melts ice.
  • Alien X - Ben 10's most powerful form as a Exonaut suit. A notable difference between the show and the suit is that the suit has more spikes.

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