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Friday, May 6, 2011

Power Rangers

Hey today's blog's about the Power Rangers.

First of all, I'm gonna tell you the series. (below)
*Power Rangers: Turbo, where they use futuristic weapons.
*Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, where the Power Rangers' costumes are based on the four following dinosaurs, T. rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, and Braicheosaurus.
*Power Rangers: Mystic Force, where they have a giant dragon called "Fire-Heart", a genie called "Jengie", and magic cell phones.
*Power Rangers: Ninja Showdown, the first Power Rangers movie.
*Power Rangers: Samurai, the newest series.

Next I'm gonna tell you about their Zords. (powerful vehicles/robots driven/controlled by the Power Rangers)
*Power Rangers: Turbo Zords, Red Lightning, Dune Star, Mountain Climber, Pink Tornado, Earth Shaker, and Turbo Mega-Zord.
*Power Rangers: Dino Thunder Zords, Tyranna-Zord, Ptera-Zord, Tricera-Zord, Black Braicheo-Zord, Green Para-Zord, and Dino Thunder Mega-Zord
*Power Rangers: Mystic Force Zords, Fire Titan, Water Titan, Earth Titan, Wind Titan, Titan Mega-Zord, Mystic Fire-Bird, Mystic Lion, Manticore Mega-Zord, and Mystic Train Mega-Zord.
*Power Rangers: Ninja Showdown Zords, I don't know the Zords here.
*Power Rangers: Samurai Zords, Lion, Dragon, Turtle, Bear, Gorilla, Samurai Mega-Zord, Beetle Zord, Scarab Mega-Zord, Tiger Zord, Panther Mega-Zord, Sword Fish Zord, and Narwhal Mega-Zord.

In case your wondering "What is a Mega-Zord?" a Mega-Zord is two or more Zords built together, even more powerful than a normal Zord.

These are the "secret" Rangers
*Mystic Force secret Rangers, Purple Ranger Koragg, whose Zord is Dark Centaur, and White Ranger Silvanus, whose Zord is Ice Titan.
*Dino Thunder secret Ranger, Black Ranger Professor O., whose Zord is Black Braicheo-Zord.
*Samurai secret Ranger, Gold Ranger ???, whose Zord is ???. No body knows his name and Zord.


  1. my 12year old and i used to watch this on tv together! :)

  2. Go Power Rangers! My sons favourite is the yellow one, I don't know his name. I love all the information on your blog and will definately follow.
    If you are interested in soccer and numbers you might like my son's blog http://www.footballaroundtheworlld.blogspot.com/
    (world spelled with 2 ll)
    Keep up the great work.
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  3. Great blog! I can remember when the Power Rangers first started way back when in the 90's. They were cool then and are still cool now.

  4. Wow, thanks for bringing back the Power Rangers! My son will be following them shortly, I'm sure!