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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rayman (character)

Rayman is basically a alien that although has hands, feet, a head, and a torso he has NO arms, leg, or a neck. His abilities involve flying by using his hair as a helicopter propeller. His abilities also involve throwing energy balls. (in Rayman, he did not have this power) He can also fight at close range, but this was not revealed until Rayman Raving Rabbids. He also has the ability to launch his fists like missiles (much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Master Hand's Finger Cross Missile attack). His appearance has (like the first sentence of this blog) no arms, legs, or a neck, however, he still has hands, feet, a head, and a torso. He wears a purple shirt with a yellow (sometimes red) scarf along with spiky hair and white gloves with yellow trimmed with white tennis-shoes.

These are all the video games he appeared in.
*Rayman, "The Legendary first Rayman adventure now on DSi Ware.
Play Rayman and try to save his amazing world from the evil Mr Dark!
Discover a charming universe with colorful landscapes and meet funny characters who will help Rayman trough his quest! Experiment his abilities as punch, hang or fly in the air.
Take advantage of the new DSi features as the DSi photos and the touch map selection.
YOU'RE COURAGEOUS RAYMAN BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP AT IT." *Rayman 2, "Rayman 2 takes place in a world called The Glade of Dreams. An army of Robot Pirates, led by Admiral Razorbeard, invades this world and destroys the Heart of the World, the world core. This greatly weakens the resistance's power and disables Rayman's powers, leading to his capture.[9]
Globox, a friend of Rayman, is later also captured and put in the same cell as Rayman aboard the Pirates' prison ship. Globox restores one of his powers through a silver lum given to him by Ly, a fairy. Rayman escapes the prison ship, and is separated from Globox again. He learns that in order to stand a chance against the Pirates, he needs to find 4 ancient, magic masks to awaken Polokus, the spirit of the world.[10] He travels through the Glade of Dreams via the Hall of Doors, a magical place linked to various locations in the world, controlled by the ancient Teensies.[10]
In the course of the game, Rayman frees Globox who had been captured again, and they continue together for a short while until Globox departs again to go find his family. Later, Rayman finds Globox's wife Uglette and learns that he has been imprisoned on the Prison Ship. Rayman also encounters his friend Clark, a strongman who has stomach problems due to eating rusty pirates; to continue through the level, Rayman has to cure Clark by means of an elixir.
Eventually Rayman recovers the four masks and awakens Polokus, who makes quick work of the pirates on land. In the air however, he has no power, and Rayman is tasked to dispose of the Pirates' Prison Ship, where Admiral Razorbeard also has his headquarters. In a final battle Rayman fights Razorbeard, who is controlling a giant robot, the Grolgoth. Eventually Rayman destroys the robot and while Razorbeard escapes in a small escape pod, the Prison Ship explodes. Rayman is presumed dead and only one of his shoes is found, but during his funeral he appears again, walking on a crutch."
 Rayman 3, "André, the leader of the Black Lums, is a lum, who was supposedly said to have grown out of pure evil. One night, he transforms other Red Lums into Black Lums to join him. The group eventually gains enough hair from various animals throughout the forest to dress up to disguise themselves as Hoodlums. In the middle of the process, Murfy, one of the residents and workers of the Fairy Council, discovers them. André later on discovers him hiding nearby and begins to make chase of him. Murfy is eventually chased to a small clearing, where Rayman and his friend Globox (voiced by John Leguizamo), are sound asleep. Just as Murfy reaches them, Globox is awakened by the commotion. Now aware of the situation, Globox helps Murfy try to get Rayman, who is still unawakened by the commotion, to safety. In the process, Globox accidentally removes Rayman's hands, forcing Murfy to pick Rayman up by his hair and drag him away from the clearing himself. In an attempt to save himself, Globox runs away to safety , taking Rayman's hands along with him.
As time passes, more and more Hoodlums are invading the forest. After reaching the entrance to the Council, Rayman and Murfy discover Globox hiding in a barrel. Just as Rayman gets his hands back from his rather cowardly friend, André and a few of his minions join them, giving chase to a much frightened Globox. As Rayman and Murfy pursue after them, they learn of André's evil plan: to taint the heart of the world so that he can create that same energy into an army of Hoodlums. Undeterred, the twosome continue the chase. Eventually, André catches up with Globox, who ends up accidentally swallowing the evil creature. Now it is up to Rayman to find a doctor to rid André from Globox's stomach, as Murfy departs.
Along the way, Rayman meets up with three doctors: Otto Psi (a play on the word autopsy), Romeo Patti (homeopathy), and Art Rytus (arthritis) (or Gonzo). As all three doctors fail independently to purge André, they succeed in getting rid of him after some teamwork. Now angry and still undeterred by his plans for world domination, André teams up with Reflux, a being whom Rayman had to duel with to prove his worth to the Knaaren race. Hungry for power and desperate to get rid of Rayman, the two decide to team up and make even more havoc for Rayman.
In a final faceoff, Rayman ends up destroying Reflux and turning André back into a red lum. Shortly thereafter, Rayman and Globox return back to the clearing that they were in at the very beginning. Globox is sharing his sorrow with Rayman about André's return to a Red Lum. Rayman tries to console him by saying that he thinks that there is really no way to bring André back. Globox then shares that, unlike making a Dark Lum turn back into a red one by making it laugh, you can turn a red lum into a Dark one by getting it scared. At a loss for what would truly scare a lum, Rayman and Globox fall asleep.
In a flashback scene to follow, it is revealed that Rayman's hands are the "true enemy" of the game, as they detach from Rayman while he sleeps and sneak off to go scare a nearby red lum. The scared lum happens to turn into Andre."
*Rayman 4 (Raving Rabbids), The game begins with a cut-scene showing Rayman having a picnic with the local Globox kids. Their picnic is interrupted when an earthquake erupts and the Globox kids sink into the ground while 3 Rabbids appear in their place. Their commander Sergueï kidnaps Rayman and throws him in an arena with angry Rabbids, several armed with weapons. Rayman must complete his first trials now, and afterwards Sergueï takes him to his cell and gives him a plunger. Initially they jeer him, but as Rayman completes more trials, they grow bored, and eventually he even becomes popular among the Rabbids and they cheer him on, in addition to making his jail cell more hospitable. Eventually, Rayman amasses a collection of plungers as rewards for completing the trials. By building a ladder out of all his plungers to reach the window, Rayman manages to escape and free himself. Once liberated, he remembers the Globox kids and attempts to return through one of the Rabbid holes to rescue them, but winds up getting stuck in the hole.
When the player completes all four games on the last day, they receive a golden cow trophy that will be placed on top of the wardrobe in Rayman's cell.
 *Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, "The game starts with Rayman infiltrating a mall overrun by Rabbids. As he's about to sneak in, he disguises himself wearing two socks on his head, a headband, two makeshift eyes, and helium (in order to disguise his voice, thus blending in more with the other Rabbids). He then picks up a soda can and throws it to distract two guard Rabbids and steals one of their plungers. Rayman climbs to the roof of the facility and peers through a skylight, where he observes the Rabbids watching a montage of everyday human life. Seconds later, one of the Rabbids jerks its head, noticing Rayman's presence. Accidentally, he falls into the mall and is spotted. Professor Barranco the Third, a highly intelligent Rabbid with split color eyes and the apparently current leader of the Rabbids, walks up to him and whips out a European Wii copy of the first Raving Rabbids game. Taking a look at the cover, it seems to recognize Rayman. Rayman and the Rabbids are then led into an airborne submarine, taking him to a location for invasion."
*Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, "Rayman is running away from the Rabbids, who are then distracted by lightning, which later, before the distraction, causes Rayman to stop running. Nevertheless, they continue to chase Rayman after it stops, which puts Rayman to running again, but are struck by the lightning which connects to a dilapidated Rayman's house where he hides. The lightning then teleports the Rabbids through the TV antenna, through the TV wire, trapping them in the TV much to Rayman's astonishment. He turns the TV on and it suddenly from channel to channel, retro 2D Rabbids appear on it. As the player plays through the game, there are cutscenes showing Rayman trying to get rid of the TV. At the end of the game, Rayman breaks the TV, (with his shoe, in which he takes off after being so angry) freeing the Rabbids, much to his shock. Rayman then runs off from the house with the Rabbids chasing after him, but one Rabbid stays in the house. This one gets its ears stuck in Rayman's vacuum cleaner and mistakes the TV remote for an ice cream cone as the credits roll."
Info from Wiki and Nintendo.com.

 NOTE: Rayman cannot use his powers in Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 or TV Party.
 (try saying all that three times fast, I triple dog dare you)


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