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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Digimon are made up of data, kinda like a computer program. Digimon can't die because their data bits will rebuild a new body (the same as the old body shape and size). However, most Digimon are likely going to lose part of their memory if this happens. There's one thing that a Digi-fighter (a human that fights alongside Digimon) needs, a Digivice.

These are a few Digimon.
*Creepymon, a goth/gargoyle like Digimon that, which gave him his name, creeps everyone out.
*Venndramon, a member of the Dragon's Roar Digimon family, his most powerful move is Pepper Breath. (a human named Marcos dubbed him "Zero")
*Impmon, he likes mischief, a lot.
*Angemon, she stands up for her friends.
*Wizardmon, a Digimon that knows magic, he is possibly the oldest and smartest Digimon.
*Angemon Blaster-Mode, just like Angemon, the only difference is that she now has a blaster.
*Venndramon Armor-Mode, just like Venndramon, the only differences are that he now has protective armor, as well as having super strength and super speed, he is also almost indestructible.
*Geograymon, a member of the Dragon's Roar family, he's ultra powerful.
*Geofloramon, a member of the Rose's Blossom Digimon family, her strength is unbelievable.
*Geowolfmon, a member of the Beast's Howl Digimon family, his speed is blinding.

These are the ways to evolve your Digimon.
*Digivolving, just a little piece of data, combined with your Digimon's DNA.
*Weapon pickup, something like Venndramon's Venndramon Armor-Mode.
*Bio-merging, if you have two Digimon, then you can Bio-merge them.

There are four Digimon types.
*Virus, they are strong against Data types, but weak against Vaccine types.
* Data, they are strong against Vaccine types, but weak against Virus types.
*Vaccine, they are strong against Virus types, but weak against Data.

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