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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2006 Sonic the Hedgehog

    Unlike other Sonic the Hedgehog games, this one is very dramatic, I mean, in the Last story (out of four different story modes)  Sonic gets killed by a demon, but his friends revive him through the power of the Chaos Emeralds, magic gemstones that grant wishes when all 7 are collected by the same person. This is the only video game that has four story modes. First story mode where you play as Sonic, The next where you play as Shadow, and last  where you play as Silver. When you play as Sonic it's all about speed, with Shadow there's more fighting, and with Silver there's no speed at all. The fourth story is all three characters.
The bad guys in the game are these dudes.
*Dr. Eggman, most of his robots have the word "egg" in their name.
*Iblis the Flames of Disaster, a demon sealed away inside Princess Elise.
*Mephiles the Dark one, a demon that kills Sonic later in the game.
*Solaris, a monster that is actually Mephiles and Iblis joined together.

These are the allies in the game.
*Amy Rose, the wanna-be girlfriend of Sonic
*Miles Prower (a.k.a.) Tails, a fox that flies a biplane called the X Tornado.
*ES-3 OMEGA, a robot powered by the Chaos Emeralds.
*Rouge the Bat, a treasure hunter that is capable of flying
*Knuckles the...(I don't know what he is really), a knucklehead that has a bad attitude.
*Blaze the Cat, a princess from the future.
*Princess Elise, she was the vessel used to imprison Iblis.

The game also features time-traveling.  It's like replaying a cleared level but, before you cleared it already or, knowing how to clear a level you didn't clear but you will in the future.   When you play as Sonic later in the game Silver attempts to kill Sonic 3xs in a row (once in a forest, once on a open plain and  inside a castle) but failed. When you play as Shadow you fight Mephiles and succeed. When you play as Silver you are forced to fight Shadow. In the Last Story all three of them kill Solaris while as Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and (never seen before) Super Silver.   Also in the game Silver gains telekinesis.


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