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Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Mario Sunshine part 2

In case you didn't know this, Super Mario Sunshine is available ONLY on Nintendo Gamecube.  In 2002, Super Mario Sunshine sold 11, 000, 000 copies in these 4 countries; first in Japan (June 2, 2002), then in Europe (June 15, 2002), after that is Australia (June 2, 2003), and finally, the U. S. A (2003).   Super Mario Sunshine also happens to the second 3d video game of the Mario series.   Unlike all the other Mario video games, Super Mario Sunshine features actual voice acting, there's no speech bubbles, which makes it the black sheep of the series. Oh, I almost forgot, here's a list of bosses in the game.
*Polluted piranha, you see him like 5 times.
*Petey Piranha, you fight him the same way as the Polluted piranha.
*Mecha Bowser, a robot in the shape of the real Bowser which you fight, while riding a super fast roller-coaster.
*Wiggler, a giant caterpillar-like creature which gets mad at Mario for disturbing his nap.
*Shadow Mario (a. k. a.) Bowser Jr., the easiest boss in the video game, I mean, 1 hit K.O.
*Bowser & Bowser Jr., Bowser attacks by breathing fire, Bowser Jr. attacks by launching missiles at you.

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