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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


   If you want to know some stuff about Bakugan, then I'm your Brawler. Bakugan are creatures from another world called "New Vestroia." Bakugan are also from Gunndalia, and Nethia.  Bakugan possess unimaginable power which their "Brawler" can give to them through "Ability Cards" and "Gate Cards. Certain Gate Cards can also open portals.

These are the Bakugan. (original)
*Dragonoid, a dragon-like Bakugan that can create fire-tornadoes.
*Naga, a Bakugan that resembles Dragonoid and seeks power.
*Wavern, sister of Naga, she holds the Infinity Core.
*Bee Striker, a Bakugan with a laser shooting stinger.
*Sting Claw, a scorpion-like Bakugan that has a human's face. (kinda creepy)
*Saurus, a dinosaur-like Bakugan.
*Tigraia, a Bakugan that resembles the tiger, her armor is covered with killer blades
*Delta Dragonoid, Dragonoid's evolved form, he now has retractable wings
*Shield Gorom, the world biggest Bakugan, his shield is not just for blocking, it serves as a boxing glove too.
*Blade Tigraia, Tigraia's evolved form, she now can stand on to legs and has retractable blades on the back of her hands
*Preas, a Bakugan that likes to make humans laugh, he can use "Attribute Change."
*Single Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with only one head, it breathes purple fire.
*Hammer Gorom, Shield Gorom's evolved form, he now has a really, really big hammer. (that can be thrown like a boomerang)
*Preas Agelos & Preas Devilos, Preas' evolved forms, Agelos and Devilos are a two-in-one Bakugan.
*Double Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with to heads, it stands on two legs unlike his cousin Single Head Hydranoid.
*Infinity Dragonoid, Delta Dragonoid's evolved form, Wavern passed down the Infinity Core to him.
*Skyress, a phoenix-like Bakugan that can see in the future.
*Storm Skyress, Skyress' evolved form, now featuring armor.
*Triple Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with three heads, it has wings unlike the other Hydras.

These are the Bakugan. (New Vestroian)
*Persival, a Bakugan with telekinesis, he has a rivalry with Drago.
*Drago, evolved form of Infinity Dragonoid, he makes a return with wings that are not attached to his arms.
*Cauoses, a cyborg-like Bakugan, he wants nothing more but to rule the universe and be known as the "Ultimate Bakugan"
*Maxis Drago, Drago in a robotic suit, he features lasers, machine guns, rocket boots, and heat-seeking missiles.
*Bakugan, there are more Bakugan here than I can count.

These are the Bakugan. (Gundalian & Nethian)
*Lumino Drago, evolved from Drago, he makes another return in a more humanoid looking body.
*Aguamos, he's both a solitude Bakugan and a sensitive Bakugan at the same time. (if you ask him why, he would say "Who says I can't be both?")
*Dharack, a Gundalian Bakugan that has a killer instinct. (he killed his own allies.)
*Lumagrowl, one of the Bakugan that was killed by Dharack.
*Linehault, the only Bakugan that was not killed by Dharack.
*Lumanoid, a Nethian Bakugan that is although living, is made out of crystals.
*Coredom, a Bakugan that can shoot lasers from the orb on his chest.
*Hawktor, a Nethian Bakugan that hates Gundalians.
*Battleaxe Drago, evolved from Lumino Drago, he gains six wings, in other words he can fly higher and faster.
*Dragonoid Colossus, the worlds most powerful Bakugan, he has a exoskeleton, making it harder to inflict damage on him.

These are the Bakugan. (Mechianium Surge)
*Titanium Drago, Battleaxe Drago's evolved form, he returns in a body that although shape on the head didn't change, he now has a v shaped crest on his torso and sports gauntlets on his arms and gained incredible speed and power.
*Aluminum Aguamos, evolved from Aguamos, he makes a return sporting ninja-like acrobatics and aerodynamics.
*Razornoid, N/A (info not available).


  1. Wow! I didn't know that Bakugan were famous in the United States. they were THE big craze in Italy and Switzerland last year. I could never remember their name so I used to call them Bubble gum which made my daughter giggle. Do you also have the Bakugan "balls" that open up?

  2. I got more than 12. So that would mean Yes. One of them is Dragonoid Colossus, the most powerful Bakugan ever.