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Monday, May 16, 2011

De Blob 2

  De Blob 2 is basically, the same as the original. Anyway, in De Blob 2, in one level you have to take over these soda factories, yeah that's right, soda factories. Also in De Blob 2, the main hero is Blob, a awesome (not to mention, cool, popular, attractive, lazy, a show-off, and self-confident) blob of paint that is a member of this secret club called the "Color Underground," and the bad guys are "Inkies," (lead by Commando Black) living blobs of ink. Ya know, they should've give Blob a catch phrase like "Alright C. B. your going down. I'm not talking downtown I'm talking about six ft. underground!!!" or better yet, a theme song like "Get your color on."

These are the characters in the game.
*Blob, definition in paragraph above.
*Pinky, a flying robot (that makes stuff blow up)that is Blob's side-kick.
*Zip, scouter of the Color Underground and extreme sports maniac.
*Prof, a old-guy version of Blob.
*Reef, tracker of the Color Underground and expert of anything that goes boom.
*Tiny, the brains of the Color Underground and Prisma City's collage, high-school, and elementary teacher.
*Leech-bots, sucks the color right out of you. (enemy)
*Bomb-bots, they blow up when they see a brightly color person (enemy)
*Commando Black, a bigger than normal Inky that gives orders to the other Inkies. (boss)
*Heavily armed Inkies, these guys have a Ink-powered flame-thrower. (enemy
*Inkies, their armed with a baton. (enemy)
*Ink Turrets, manned by Inkies, they shoot poisonous Ink at anything in sight.
*Big Inkies, giant Inkies that have batons just like the normal Inky, only difference is that their batons poison you.
*Spikey, armed with a bazooka and spiked helmet, these guys will likely fire at any thing that is colored.
*Prismians, there's six types, Reden, Bluden, Greendy, Orangedy, Purplelo, and Yellowlo.
*Blancs, they dress in white and paint everything in sight either white, or black. (enemy)
*Graydens, Prismians in a egg-like suit.
*Shepherds, they turn Prismians into Blancs using Hypno-discs. (Inkies dressed in white clothes) (enemy)
*Elite Inkies, their the only enemies that have a spin attack. (enemy)

These are the power-ups in the game.
*Wrecking ball, allows Blob to dispose of enemies just by touching them, also allows you to sink in water.
*Rainbow, you'll use random colors when you paint with this.
*Haz-mat, shields you from Ink and other hazards.
*Super charge, allows you to smash stuff to pieces.

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