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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adventure Time

Hey, check out this awesome Adventure Time song!
"So Finn and Jake, set off to find a new home. It's gonna tough, for a kid and dog on their own.
There's a little house, often stickin' his foot in. That's a bad idea dude cause now that bird think your intrudin'. If you think livin' beside a hill is borin' and that livin' inside a cloud will totally thrillin',
but once inside here's what you find, a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride.
A beehive oh no, don't put your foot in there guy! Tryin' that before, and you know it didn't turn out right!
A big shell, go inside. Look around, it seems all right.
A frog jumps out, then a tiger, throwin' potions that make food and fire! Ya know they should've stayed,
and fight that sexy vampire lady.
But Jake was feelin' terrified, he was super scared of her vampire bite.
Which is understandable,
cause vampires are really, powerful.
There's no reason to get so worked up on with getting rid of imortals. Oh Marclene! Why are you so, mean? (marclene) I'm not mean I'm a thousand years old and I lost track, of my mortal-cult. (singer) Oh Marclene! Can't you see these guys are in pain? (marclene) No I can't. I'm to busy playing these BEMO video games. (singer) So there they go, walking on the icy ground. Headin' to their destinies I hope they figure something out."

Okay I hope you enjoy that now let me introduce the characters. (both main and minor)
*Finn, a boy with gorgeous hair that says stuff like "Flip. What the Zip. You can't just lick stuff. Jake, what the shake? Eat my sword Ice King!!!"
*Jake, magic dog that says stuff like "Go nuts! Go nuts like there's bugs on your butts! Oh no! I stretched myself too far! I'll never fall victim to pure pressure ever again! Actually I'll do whatever you want if you say my name three times. I have something like that on my back! I call it my butt.
*Marclene the Vampire Queen, a shape-shifting vampire that sings hit songs.
*Princess Bubblegum, a horrible mutant of human and bubblegum DNA, which Finn finds attractive.
*Princess Slime, a slime that kissed a crocodile on the lips.
*Ice King, always kidnapping princesses tries to marry them, no wonder no one likes him. (except for his pet penguins)
*Princesses, there are tons of princesses in the Land of Ooo.
*Demons, you have to be tough like Finn to make THESE demons fear you.

These are the place The land of Ooo has to offer.
*Ice Kingdom, nothing but snow monsters and penguins here.
*Candy Kingdom, everything's made of candy here, even the inhabitants.
*Grasslands, Finn & Jake's hideout is here.
*Nightmare Kingdom, nightmares come true here.
*Chamber of the Cristal Eye, dungeons and dragons here.

These are powers for Finn & Jake.
*The Jake Suit, Finn wears Jake like a battle suit. (it gives Finn superhuman strength)
*Magic Rings, Finn has a collection of Magic Rings
*Cosmic Gauntlet, used only in one episode.
*Stretching, Growing, and Shape-Shifting, Jake has all of these powers.
*flying, most of the characters in the show can fly.
*Finn's arsenal, in their hideout, Finn has more than enough gadgets to put the hurt on evil.

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