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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mythical creatures

Mythical creatures are awesome. They're the embodiment of everything. Some of them get put on TV shows or better yet, on a video game.

Here's some mythical creatures. (for once, I'm not going to put definitions next to the names.)
*Giraffe (no longer a mythical creature)
*Jiang Shi (Chinese vampire)
*El Chupacabra

NOTE: half of the list of these beings are from "The Shadow World."

Just to let you know, Jiang Shi do not suck blood, instead they steal your soul, but it is said that if you write a certain Chinese symbol on a blank sheet of paper and tape it to the Jiang Shi's forehead, it will be paralyzed. (if you want to do this without having your soul eaten, DO NOT look into it's eyes, because if you do, it will suck your soul right out of you). Also, the Vetala can suck blood too, in fact, the creature itself is completely undead, but it must animate the dead in order to attack the living. (the best way to know if a Vetala is gonna attack you is if you A: have more than one kid, B: hire a bounty hunter and send him to capture the Vetala, or C:  go out there yourself and ask the Vetala yourself, but C is not a good idea because it's most likely it's gonna kill you if you use C)

Here's another list of myths.

Just to let you know, a Hag is what creates Vampires and Zombies by casting dark magic on normal people, making them undergo a hideous transformation that the Hag controls, unless you get either bitten by a Vampire or scratched by the sharp nails of a Zombie (sometimes a Zombie will bite you). Did you know that the best way to avoid a Zombie infestation is to (if you can swim) stay in deep water, either that or just wear metal armor to shield you from their bites and scratches, you can also kill a Zombie if you chop off their heads, as well their limbs, if you try shooting it's NOT gonna work. (NOTE: I only know how to kill a Zombie by watching Adventure Time, NOT by reading and doing research)

If you want to know more about mythical creatures, buy a mythical creatures bible copy or go to Wiki.

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