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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sonic Unleashed

   Out of all the Sonic the Hedgehog games, I'd say Sonic Unleashed is the only one that lets you play as Sonic's in-game alter ego, Sonic the Ware-hog. But anyway, in Sonic Unleashed, the game starts off like this. Sonic and Eggman were fighting each other, Eggman catches (for once) Sonic and sucks his inner chi. Then destroys the world by blasting it with a giant laser cannon, (Powered by Sonic's chi) releasing a killer giant manta ray called "Dark Gaia," which replaces Sonic's stolen chi with it's chi, causing Sonic's DNA to mix with Dark Gaia's. Causing him to transform into a ware-wolf version of himself, (that has super strength and stretching arms) and Eggman makes the rest of the Egg-fleet (76% of the fleet was destroyed by Sonic) self destruct. Sending the Ware-Hog flying and eventually land in Awebatos, a Europe version of the Sonic world. Where he finds a flying dude which thought Sonic the Ware-hog was going to eat him, but quickly befriends the ware-hog, when Sonic (he can still talk and still has the same personality even in his ware-hog form.) asks him his name he says "Uhhhhh...hmm...Ahhh! I can't remember!" It was clear that he lost his memory. So, Sonic blamed himself for the fact that he was the cause that the little guy lost his memory, the duo then find Tails, who was surrounded by man-eating geckos then Sonic and "Chip" (a nickname given to him by Sonic, since his favorite thing to eat is desert) kick their butts, then Tails tells them that the world is shattered. Then Tails joins them and says "There's a professor in Spagonia that might be able to put the world back together." (Spagonia is a France version of the Sonic world.) So, the trio hops in Tails' plane, the X tornado and fly to Spagonia. Then they discover that the professor was kidnapped by "Baldy Mc Nose-hair," (a nickname given to Eggman by Sonic) then they save the professor and yadda yadda they blow up the base blah blah blah. Just to let you know, this took place in Marizoi, a African version of the Sonic world. Then the professor (a.k.a. Professor Pickle) tells them that Sonic and gang can restore the world by recharging the Chaos Emeralds (which had their magic power sucked right out of them along with Sonic's chi) at the Chaos Temples. (there's one for each Chaos Emerald, meaning that there's seven temples because there's seven Emeralds) And then they go do that. When the Sixth continent has been restored, Chip gets his memory back. Who was Dark Gaia's opposite, Light Gaia, the whole time. then they go to Eggmanland and fight Dark Gaia while Eggman ran for it. While fighting him, Dark Gaia sucked the ware-hog right out of him, then Light Gaia gave Sonic the orb around his neck, turning into Super Sonic. Then the world went back to normal. That's when the game ends.

These are the characters in the game.
*Sonic, (hedgehog) the world's fastest hedgehog.
*Sonic, (ware-hog) Sonic in monster form.
*Tails, you can't travel from who-knows-where to who-knows-where without Tails. Why? Cause he's the one that drives the X tornado.
*Professor Pickle, while he tells you about whatever you ask him he eats a cucumber sandwich.
*Dr. Eggman, it was HIS fault that the world was shattered.
*Amy Rose, wanna-be girlfriend of Sonic.

These are the bosses in the game.
*Egg-Beetle, a robot in the shape of a beetle, use the Homing Attack between it's pincers to blow it up.
*Egg-Devil Ray, use any move any where to blow it up, but watch out for it's lasers.
*Dark Phoenix, to defeat it, you have to throw water barrels at it, causing it's flame to die out, when it lands hit it, then hit the right buttons to do a few slashes, two punches, a series of kicks, one uppercut, and a swing around it's neck and jumping on it's head at the end then slaming it into the ground.
*Dark Moray, when defeated it bleeds like crazy and then dies.
*Dark Gaia, the final boss of the game. (I don't have a clue how you beat it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmkZpXZ0G8A

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