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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miniature Pot-bellied pigs and how they make great pets

Hey hey hey, I gained interest in MPBPs (Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs).

Here's some cool things about MPBPs. (see below)
MPBPs are not only great pets, but they are great truffle hunters!!! (WHICH by the way, something that my other pets can't do. Also, truffle-hunting is EXTREMELY popular.)
MPBPs are intelligent, small, social, and they have a sense of humor!!!

NOTE: The Royal Dandies website says that there are food and vitamins JUST for this breed. (in other words, regular pig chows are NOT COMPATIBLE!!!!!!)

Here's some facts about MPBPs.
 They are EXTREMELY agile due to their small size. (they can climb things as well as jump high.)

NOTE: people wonder why they choose a dog over a pig, but you can teach a pig to do DOG tricks, but they learn faster.

PERSONAL NOTE: if I get a MPBP, I'll name him Pigglez.

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