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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Octodad Review!

You remember that game I wrote about 2 years ago called Octodad Dadliest Catch? If you did, you get a free make-believe cake. #TheCakeIsALie!

Image result for octodad dadliest catch logo

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is actually the quote-en-quote "sequel" to the indie game simply titled Octodad. The reason I say it's not really a sequel is because the game assumes you never heard of Octodad before. Adding more fun value if you go in blind.

Image result for octodad dadliest catch
This is Octodad as he appeared in the original
game (with his BEAUTIFUL GAME FACE!)

The story of Octodad is that a woman named Scarlet marries the titular secret octopus. Yes. You read that correctly. SECRET. OCTOPUS.  He is literally a octopus. But nobody knows he's a octopus except his neighbor, Chef Fugimoto (a.k.a, The Crazy Chef.).

Image result for octodad dadliest catch chef
The Chef!

Personally the Chef is one of the funnier characters in the game. I like how he is not only the one person who realizes Octodad is an octopus but he is obsessed with turning him into "moderately priced sushi rolls".

Image result for octodad dadliest catch

Back onto Octodad himself. As his name implies, he is the father of two children. Their names? Stacy and Tommy, which is funny but slightly creepy in my case. In case you do not know, Stacy and Tommy are the names of my parents.... Octograndpa CONFIRMED!!!!! :O

Anyway, back on subject. While I won't spoil the rest of the story as it gets quite funny, I will talk about the gameplay. You control Octodad's limbs individually (hold L2 and R2 to step forwards with the left and right foot respectively, for example). Because Octodad is in almost constant rag doll mode you can do some really funny stuff.

Image result for octodad dadliest catch
Like this.

Image result for octodad dadliest catch
Or this.

Image result for octodad dadliest catch
Or this!

While this control scheme sounds difficult, that's actually kind of the point. One of the most hilarious things is just watching Octodad clumsily stride over to try to do something a human can do without putting much effort and watching Octodad struggle to do it.

Image result for octodad dadliest catch
Octodad and Scarlet.

Then came the final boss. I won't spoil the whole fight but being able to control Octodad and be good at it is MANDATORY for this fight.

The music in this game is unfortunately not that good. It's not bad, just forgettable. The only music that stands out is the final boss music,which is a stark contrast to the rest of the game. That doesn't mean that it's bad. It's actually a pretty epic soundtrack. It just takes itself a little too seriously. Good news is the theme song is the best track in the entire game.

There are also a load of neck ties you can collect that are hidden in almost every level. With the exception of one. So if you like collect-a-thons this is right up your alley.

The only major thing I don't about the game is the lack of levels. The PC version has a level maker feature that the PS4 version lacks. Oh, and I got a PS4 for Christmas. #PS4HYPE!

Overall, this is a fun little game I like playing when I'm bored. I give it a 7/10. If it had three or so more levels and some more memorable music (I am jamming out to UNDERTALE's music as I type out this sentence.)

I do recommend this game as it's humorous and fun. Which, are the only things you need to make a good video game. It's also good fun when your bored. :P

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  1. I wrote this whole review while wearing gloves. Needless to say it was difficult, but Octodad's Game Face fills me with DETERMINATION! :D

    That was a joke.