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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery review!

I know what you are thinking. "Spencer! You already did a Minecraft Story Mode post. Why are you doing two in a row!?" But funnily enough, Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery came out the same day I wrote my episode 5 review. And while I did say that Episode 5 was my favorite, Episode 6 blows it out of the water because it fixes the two things I did not like about the previous episode.

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So what's the idea behind Episode 6? Well, after Jesse and Friends find a hallway filled with portals they basically dimension-hop from one world to another looking for their home. They wind up in a world with two moons, spooky forests and LOTS of zombies. Seriously, the amount of zombies is so ludicrous that it can EASILY give Walking Dead a run for it's money.

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Also, this episode mostly revolves around a murder-mystery. Which is a nice change of pace from rushing off to beat the bad guy, since the villain of this episode, a serial killer named The White Pumpkin, is so mysterious that the biggest part of the episode is figuring out his/her identity.

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Something I MUST applaud Episode 6 for is the music. The Episode 6 Opening theme is somehow able to compete with the Episode 3 theme, as both are amazing to listen to. The Episode 3 theme is really energetic, while the Episode 6 theme is really spooky. Which is fitting, since this episode seems to be trying to be as Horror as it can be without downright changing the formula that made the Minecraft Story Mode episodes fun to play in the first place. There are some legitimate jumpscares in this episode, surprisingly. Also....

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Raise your hand if you know who any of these people are. Episode 6 got some guest appearances from some people who really like Minecraft. So lucky them! Too bad at LEAST three of them get killed off by the White Pumpkin. Spoilers. ;)

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Another thing I love about this episode is that THEY FIXED THE FLIPPING SUBTITLES!!! If you read my review of the previous episode you would know that the Episode 5 subtitles were basically not working since they showed what I am assuming is the original script, so the actual dialogue does not match up. Now the subtitles work the way they are SUPPOSED to be! I love it so much!

Just like Episode 5, this episode is more of a self contained story, but even more so. In fact I noticed that this is more of a filler episode of sorts, since you can pretty much skip this episode and not be like "Oh mah gawsh what in tarnation is goin' on here!?"

Overall, there is nothing bad about this episode in my honest opinion. I see a lot of reviewers criticize the guest appearances' voice acting skills but I never had a problem with them. Then again, said guests only had a couple weeks worth of practice before the episode was to be released so what did you expect? The only thing I don't like about this episode is that the killer's identity was revealed WAY too soon in the episode, and I would rather have the episode just a tiny bit longer, so I shall give it a 9/10

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