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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top 5 LEGO movie ideas!

Gee whilickers, Batman! Three blog posts in a row about LEGO movies! But what can I say? I've been in a very LEGO-y mood recently. And I was thinking, what with both the original The LEGO Movie and it's spin-off The LEGO Batman Movie being major successes and The LEGO Ninjago Movie on the horizon, what kind of movies should LEGO tackle next? So today I'll be counting my Top 5 LEGO Movie Ideas/Concepts/Things!

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Before we get started, I just want to point out that this post is mostly just for fun (so don't take it too seriously), but if any of these movies wind up happening, then I am psychic apparently.

No. 5!

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The LEGO Benny Movie. Benny is currently tied with another character I'll get to later for the "Spencer's Favorite character from The LEGO Movie" award. So giving him his own movie would be awesome, at least in my opinion. Like just send Benny on a space adventure or something, and you have the plot right there! Or for the sake of being really meta, have Benny meet/team up with Space Core from Portal 2 (because they're both obsessed with outer space, and LEGO does have the rights to make LEGO Portal stuff as evidenced by the mega-crossover game LEGO Dimensions). 'Tis a Recipe for success it be! Why am I suddenly talking like a pirate? I dunno, Oooh! Make the villain a space pirate! Space + Pirates = awesomeness!

No. 4!

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The LEGO Bionicle Movie. Bionicle is considered by many to be the best franchise LEGO has (and they created this from scratch. Bonus points for originality!). As for a potential plot, they could do a lot of things considering the insanely deep lore surrounding this franchise. It would be the most different due to not having a single minifigure in the whole because the characters are all giant (brick-built) robots. Although for the sake of nostalgia factor it would be best to focus on the original six main heroes (Tahu, Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, Gali, and Onua). And should they focus on the original six, please make Gali sound like a girl again. There's a Netflix cartoon focusing on the 2015 redesigned versions of the original six and for some inexplicable reason Gali had a very male sounding voice in that cartoon (last time I checked, I haven't watched it in a while). It's especially jarring because she's one of the few female Bionicle characters. But still! A LEGO Bionicle movie would be a treat and would probably make millions of dollah dollah bills overnight due to the franchise's sheer popularity.

No. 3!

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Okay, so hear me out. The only reason I want a LEGO Legends of Chima Movie is because they already are working on The LEGO Ninjago Movie. And Legends of Chima is effectively the yin to Ninjago's yang. Although, I will admit that while Ninjago is better (in my eyes) than Chima, the TV show itself wasn't THAT bad. One of the biggest problems with the show (in my opinion) was the voice acting, on some days it was on point, other days it was extremely cheesy. But seeing how LEGO got a brand new voice cast for The LEGO Ninjago Movie, they could easily do the same here. As for a potential plot, I think taking partial inspiration from very first season of the show would be they're best bet. For those of you who didn't watch the show, the general plot takes place in the titular world which has anthropomorphic animals that rapidly evolved thanks to the aforementioned Chi, with the spotlight being on a lion prince named Laval (who totally ISN'T a shameless rip-off of Lion'O from Thundercats) and his friends protect that oh so valuable Chi from falling into the wrong hands.

No. 2!

Image result for doctor who

Now I know what you're thinking. "Spencer, a LEGO Doctor Who Movie wouldn't work!". Actually it CAN work. How is that possible? Because 1) Not only is there an entire level (technically two) themed around Doctor Who in LEGO Dimensions, but there's also the fact that one of the most iconic villains in the show (everyone's favorite ex-TERM-in-ATE-ors the Daleks) make a cameo in The LEGO Batman Movie, as they're among the "uber" villains the Joker recruits to destroy Gotham City and in turn earn Batman's respect. But if LEGO makes a LEGO Doctor Who Movie (it probably won't but this is my list of LEGO movies I want to see happen, dangit!) that would make me very happy since Doctor Who is my favorite TV Show ever. But still, this one has probably the lowest chances of actually happening. But a nerd can dream, can't he?


Image result for the lego movie unikitty

And the reward for "Spencer's favorite character from The LEGO Movie" goes to... Unikitty, the living personification of cuteness herself. Why do I want a LEGO Unikitty Movie? One, she and Benny are my favorite characters and if a licensed character (Batman) could get his own LEGO movie then Benny and Unikitty can get their own movie too. And Two, her body is made of both regular LEGO pieces and DUPLO pieces (DUPLO being targeted at ages 3 years and younger), which is both a really nice design and slightly ironic considering how the original LEGO Movie ended. As for the potential plot, I have absolutely no idea. But let's be honest, all this hypothetical movie has to do to be good in my book is take the Unikitty I know and love and turn that up to eleven.

And that's all the ideas I can think of that will probably be massive cash cows on the opening weekend. And I'm content with this kind of cash cow, because the LEGO movies we've seen so far are really, really good. Also, I am sorry for making three LEGO related posts in a row on my blog, but like I said, I've been in a very LEGO-y mood as of late but I promise that my next post won't have anything to do with LEGO, in case you're burnt out on it.

P.S. I just now realized that Unikitty's name is a portmanteau of "unicorn" and "kitty". Well played, LEGO, well played...

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