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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pikmin (series)

Pikmin (pronounced pick-men) is video game series that's about this guy called Olimar (pronounced Ol-e-mar) commanding a huge army of creatures called Pikmin. Strange fellows they are. when idle, they stare at Olimar, sometimes mimicking his actions. Another strange fact is they are spawned from onions. That's right, onions. Giant onions.

This is (by far) the smallest video game series, having only one sequel but it has a remake for the Wii. Same thing for the original's sequel Pikmin 2. They are a total of seven discovered species of Pikmin. Here's a list.
  • Red Pikmin - Reds are immune to fire, thus they can walk though it without getting torched.
  • Yellow Pikmin - Yellows originally can handle explosives, but this was changed into becoming immune to electricity in Pikmin 2.
  • Blue Pikmin - Blues can survive in water and have something called Lifeguard power, where they rush in to save drowning Pikmin.
  • White Pikmin - Ever seen a poisonous frog? The Whites are Pikmin versions of those poisonous frogs. Their deaths are not in vain when eaten, for then the eater is poisoned. They can also find buried treasure and are immune to poison themselves.
  • Purple Pikmin - Imagine such power! Weighing 10xs the amount of the average Pikmin (Purples are all muscle, literally!), these can be used to solve weight related puzzles.
  • Parasite Pikmin - I have no clue on what this species looks like. It (unlike all the other Pikmin) can control a host, even if it is another species.
  • Mushroom Pikmin - These are poisoned and attack Olimar and any unaffected Pikmin.

Olimar works at a shipping company, being a pilot for the cargo ship S. S. Dolphin. In Pikmin 2, the Dolphin was sold by the President of Hocotate Freight (Hocotate Freight is the name of the company.) to pay a debt. The Debt was later revealed to be new employee Louie's fault because while he was shipping a cargo of Hocotatian carrots, he ate them all. And when he reported back to the President, he lied to his boss, saying that vicious space bunnies attacked him and stole the carrots. Space Bunnies... Who would believe such nonsense!? That excuse has "lie" written all over it (metaphorically, not literally)! Anyway, thanks to Louie, Olimar has to enlist the help of the Pikmin (again) to gather treasure, and then sell said treasure to pay off the rest of the debt (which as of selling the Dolphin, was lowered to 10,000 dollars, or in Hocotatian sense, 10,000 Pokos).

I think I should tell you how Olimar met the Pikmin. It was all thanks to an accident during a vacation. A meteor hit The S. S. Dolphin and caused the ship to get caught in Pikmin Planet's (extremely) powerful gravity field. Olimar survived the crash, but the Dolphin...was dismantled. While looking for the missing parts, Olimar met the Pikmin, who were more than happy to help with repairs. The game has three different endings, a happy ending, an average ending and a bad ending. If you get happily ever after ending (gained by collecting all thirty parts before day thirty), here's what happens: Olimar is overjoyed to see is ship fully restored to it's former glory. Later that night,Olimar is about to take off. Before boarding, he turns and looks at the Pikmin, who tilt their heads in curiosity. Olimar waves them goodbye, but the Pikmin just tilt their heads in the opposite direction. Olimar sighs and shakes his head, and climbs aboard the Dolphin. The Pikmin, after spending the past days with Olimar, start aggressively attacking a Grub-dog (which happens to be the natural predator of Pikmin). If you get average ending ( to get it you must collect 25 - 29 parts) here's what happens: Basically it's a shorter version of the happy ending, with a scene where the Pikmin instead of attacking a Grub-dog, stare up in the sky, possibly wondering if they will see Olimar again. If you get bad ending, here's what happens: Olimar realizes it's the last day before life support systems fails and hurries in the Dolphin. The engine explodes Olimar (knocked out from the explosion) is taken by the Pikmin to a onion, where the onion re-spawns him as a Pikmin.

  • Olimar has a ship part called the Nova Blaster. He said that it easily destroy things as big as a star. It's unknown why he didn't use it on the meteor. Perhaps he didn't notice it? To further support this theory, the instruction manual says that he had the ship on auto pilot while went to the ship kitchen to make tea when the meteor hit.
  • The purpose of the Libra and Sagittarius parts are unknown. Maybe their some GPS system? Maybe they don't do anything at all, and are just decorations?
  • Olimar is married, because he makes references to his wife in his journal. He also makes reference to his two kids, who apparently gave the Libra and Sagittarius parts to Olimar before the events of the game.
  • Louie has a big appetite which explains why he writes recipes to deep fry, grill, and make five coarse meals out of enemies. For example his note for cooking Emperor Bulblaxes is "To prepare the tongue for cooking, marinate in olive oil and chop into cubes. Stir in a pot of carrots, potatoes, chives. Cover and simmer for several hours. Accompany this mouthwatering, rustic stew with a hearty roll".

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