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Monday, June 4, 2012

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep is a TV show about a sheep........................named Shaun.

Shaun looks different from every other sheep in the show (having large round torsos, small skinny tails and bald heads with small ears.). Shaun has a small, skinny torso, a large, round tail, and has hair on his head with slightly bigger ears. Shaun is also smarter than any other sheep as well. Possibly even smarter than the farmer that owns him! Anyway, Shaun is also shown to be friendlier than his rival Pidsley (pronounced Pid-sl-e) for when Pidsley sees a mouse, the first thing he does is try to kill it (because he a cat). Shaun instead invites the mouse to a party (Shaun and his flock love parties, by the way.).

Shaun also dislikes the Three Little Pigs that live on the farm. Which is probably why the pigs weren't invited to a dance party the sheep were having in one episode.  Those pigs are the exact opposite of Shaun's flock. They are selfish, rude, sloppy, disgusting, like eating cabbage, rough playing, and all-in-all, trouble makers.

  • Shaun is prone to sleepwalking.
  • Shaun can apparently speak English because in the episode On the Go (I think that's the name but I forgot), Shaun orders a couple hundred pizzas and the cashier understood him perfectly.
  • The pigs have a fear of butchers and being made into every meal that comes from pigs as seen in the episode Things that go Bump in the Night, Shaun gets his revenge after the pig prank him by dressing up a scarecrow as a butcher and putting weenies around the neck and shows the pigs the "butcher", and they are horrified by it.
  • Bitzer the Sheep Dog looks different in the two seasons. In season one, he is completely rusty yellow. In season two, he is rust yellow with a white underside and mouth area, and has a hairier looking body.

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