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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuff about Skylanders Giants

I have collected some info on Skylanders Giants. I'm sure you remember Vac Eagle and Alchemist, right? Well, they are now Pop Fizz (Alchemist) and Jet-Vac (Vac Eagle) and the potion that Alchemist/Pop Fizz drinks is now a soda. And Jet-Vac/Vac Eagle's gun is actually a vacuum that gives him flight (because he doesn't have wings or a jet pack).

In Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, there is a Story Scroll that said that the Arkeyans (ancient bad guys) were defeated by someone. In Skylanders: Giants, that someone were the Giants! But that must mean either the Giants can live for a long time because the Arkeyans (Chop Chop not included) have been extinct for centuries or that the Giants are ageless. And you know about Tree Rex right? Well there is another Giant! His name......is Bouncer..........of the the Tech Element! Because he's a robot, you would think that he's from a laboratory or science experiment, right? But no! Bouncer is a very popular, famous, talented, hotshot Roboball (a sport that only robots and cyborgs can play) player! But the Arkeyans invaded, they destroyed Bouncer's hometown, and Bouncer didn't even care............until he realized that his fan club was enslaved to be house maidens! That steamed the Bouncer, and when a Giant Skylander is steamed, his target becomes dust! Now let's talk about Tree Rex. He was once a majestic tree (like Stump Smash). But the Arkeyans built a factory right next to Tree Rex. after being exposed to some magic, Tree Rex's tree form started to mutate into what he is today.

Here's what happened in a trailer for the game.
Pop Fizz (who is ultra hyper. And a little nuts) retells their latest adventure. Cynder tells him to stop drinking the soda that gives him powers right after Pop Fizz takes a sip. But Pop Fizz refuses and replies it's "soda-licious" and it gives him powers. Jet Vac (who speaks with an Irish accent) interrupts the conservation with this line: "Ya know who has crazy awesome powers? The Giants!". But Slam Bam sarcastically tells the Sky Baron "And ya what else? Bigfoot's got big feet. C'mon, the Giants are just a myth.".  But Jet-Vac told that Giants are real and they are huge. Terrafin is unimpressed and shows everybody his "sarcastic face". But Jet-Vac still believes in the Giants and says that he heard rumors of them being strong enough to throw boulders. A clip of gameplay is shown of a Giant throwing boulders while Jet-Vac is talking about it. Cynder says that she heard fairytales about Giants being heavy enough to smash hole in the ground. Just like Jet-Vac's rumor a gameplay clip plays showing a giant smashing holes in the ground. Pop fizz says that he heard once that they are strong enough to pull islands towards them. Just like before, a gameplay clip plays showing a Giant pulling and island toward himself. Then everybody meet Bouncer and Tree Rex. The trailer ends with some more gameplay footage and what not.

To view this trailer, go to Skylanders.com/Giants (a.k.a. the official website).

  • In Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, a Story Scroll mentioned a rank in the Skylanders called the Elder Elementals, who were the most powerful Skylanders of all. A fan theory is that the Giants are the Elder Elementals.
  • Apparently the hub for this game is an Airship that you can customize. I'm hoping you get to make look like a pirate ship or even better a pirate ship with a Chinese dragon head on the bow. Or get to install cannons that shoot fireballs!
  • Kaos returns. A little weird because in the first game he was banished, turned into a toy, and blasted to Earth to tortured by a dog.

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