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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wii-U System

I know I did some posts about some Wii-U games, but now I'm doing one about the system itself.

The Wii-U is a highly recommended product for people. The controller has a Touch Screen (never seen in a console before!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!! It also has a Pro controller, which looks a little bit like a Gamecube controller, but wireless. You can also play Wii games on the Wii-U, but sadly, you can't play Gamecube games (ironic since the Pro controller looks similar to the Gamecube controller. Well, honestly, the Gamecube resemblance is my opinion, but you may think differently.)

Enough about the Pro Controller, let's get talking about the Gamepad. The Gamepad (in my opinion) is a combo a Wii, DS/3DS, and Xbox controllers (having the Motion Control Feature, the Home,  D-Pad, Plus, Minus, A and Z buttons, like the Wii Remote, a Touch Screen, like the DS and 3DS, and control sticks, corner and rear buttons, like the Xbox Controller.). Not only can this combo control the Wii-U itself, but it can control the TV as well!!!

Wii U console and controller.jpg
Left: Gamepad.
Right: Wii-U itself.

Now, about the the Wii-U console itself....... In a word, it looks like a slightly rounded Wii (See picture above). before it's official production, many people thought the Wii-U was going to play Blue Ray movies as a new feature. "Is this true?" you may ask this post. Well Spen-sei (that's my new nickname. I combined the first syllable of name, "Spencer", with the word "Sensei", meaning wise one, by the way to create Spen-sei) has no clue.

Here's an example of some Wii-U games.
  • LEGO City: Undercover - You play as a detective named Chase McCain. Chase has to defeat Rex Fury, a criminal mastermind.
  • Rayman Legends - Sequel to Rayman Origins. You (Rayman and Globox) and Murfy have to rescue Teensies while collecting Lums.
  • Nintendo Land - A party game focused on friendly competing minigames (sometimes you have teams).
  • Project P-100 - In my opinion, it's similar to Pikmin. You round as many dudes has possible (just like Pikmin). However, the dudes you command can turn into a giant fist, a giant sword, a jet plane, a blob like shield, a giant cannon, a gooey version of a Slinkie toy, and a hundred other things.
  • Pikmin 3 - Pikmin 3 is a Pikmin game. Five characters are playable, but Louie and Olimar won't star in it. But there is a blue haired dude that resembles Louie. Two new Pikmin, Rock Pikmin and Pink  Pikmin, are in this game. Rock Pikmin can shatter glass walls and defeat crystalline enemies. Pinks can fly with wing-like appendages.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U - a Wii-U version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Introduces the Flying Squirrel and Tiny Yoshi power ups. Blue Tiny Yoshi can spit bubbles that trap enemies in bubbles and eventually turn them into coins. Pinks can puff up like a balloon to slowly descend and a slow and steady speed. Yellows can glow in the dark. And the Flying Squirrel can climb up walls and glide, like a Pink Tiny Yoshi. However, Flying Squirrel falls faster than Pink Tiny Yoshi.
Look forward to it's unleashed (By unleashed, I mean released) awesomeness this Holiday season!!!

NOTE: Image from Wikipedia.

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