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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New!!! Star Fox Time!!!

Hey what do you think about the name of this post? Just a simple play on my TRIVIA TIME. Anyway, I've done my homework aplenty (when I say "homework", I mean I've been reading about Star Fox all day) on Star Fox.

Team Star Fox. From left
to right: Slippy Toad,                                
Fox McCloud, Falco                           
Lombardi and Krystal.

First, let's think about the first Star Fox post. It included a lot of detail, yes? Well, this new post will fill in the bits the old post left unchecked!!! For starters, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Wolf O'Donnel have a secret taunt. In any of the Star Fox stages, do a down taunt. Your character will kneel down and shake his wrist. After the next warp, members of Team Star Fox (Peppy Hare, Krystal, Slippy Toad, and either Fox or Falco, depending on the character) and Team Star Wolf (Leon Powalski, Panther Caroso, and maybe Wolf, depending on the character) making various comments about the current location. In the war zone, Slippy quotes on how Star Fox should be worried about Fox because he doesn't have any air. Krystal also comments on how she never seen the other brawlers before, with Peppy reminding her that Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a cross over game.

Team Star Fox playing one of their
own games!!!

Also, In Star Fox Adventures, Falco only appears at the end of the game (because he left when things got............lame). In that same game, there is a Saurian known has Tricky. Tricky is a EarthWalker (tribe on Sauria) prince in Adventures and fully matured into a king in Assault. At the end of Adventures, Fox made Prince Tricky an honorary member of Team Star Fox.

NOTE: Images from Arwingpedia.

  • Krystal is the youngest member of Star Fox.
  • Peppy Hare almost killed himself in Assault. He slammed the Great Fox (which is Team Star Fox's mobile headquarters) into an Aparoid Energy Shield, not only creating a way through it, but also blowing up the Great Fox in the progress. However, just before the explosion occurred, Peppy launched himself in a escape pod right before the said Great Fox blew up.
  • In one of the endings for Star Fox Command, Krystal and Fox get married and have a kid named Marcus. Marcus forms his one Star Fox team after the first retired (not including Falco, he's still on the team, as supervisor and possibly mission briefer. A mission briefer is someone you tells dudes the situation and sends them out to do whatever their mission is.).
  • Slippy Toad helped develop the Arwings. Humorously, he can't fly his own creation very well as he becomes a common target for enemies in dogfights. 
  • In Super Smash Bros Brawl, if Solid Snake (from Metal Gear) asks his support team about Falco, Slippy Toad will hack the codec and he will tell him stuff about Falco, instead of Snake's support team telling him stuff about Falco. Snake then says that if they meet each other in person, Snake will have Slippy design Snake a weapon.
  • The Super Smash Bros. series is the first game where Wolf O'Donnel fights outside his Wolfen ship (Fox fought hand-to-hand combat style in Star Fox Adventures, Falco fights third-person shooting style in Star Fox Assault).

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