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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The LEGO Movie (and it's video game namesake!) Time!!!

This post is about two things. First and most important is the LEGO Movie!!!! LEGO's first ever full length feature film!!! With LEGO Bricks!!!! And second, is the video game based off the movie!

The LEGO Movie is a Action Comedy (mostly comedy) movie so it's got a lot of action-packed stunts, vehicular chases, fight scenes, etc. At the same time, it has very funny scenes (EXAMPLE: very late in the movie when Batman, yes Batman, tries to hit a switch with his batarangs but pathetically misses every time except when the last actually hits the switch, prompting Batman to say "First Try!")

Unlike most LEGO video games, the LEGO Movie Video Game is almost identical to the movie (previous games like LEGO Star Wars III has the characters speaking random gibberish instead of words, LEGO Lord of the Rings omitted Bilbo's birthday, etc.). It is so identical that if you want to watch the movie I recommend that you do NOT play the game until you watch it.

Here is the plot of the movie (I already know the story!!!!!!!). WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN STORY REVEAL.

Since this movie is made by LEGO, literally everything from visual effects to vehicles are made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Thus, almost the whole movie is stop motion. Anyway, at the beginning of the movie we see a wizard named Vitruvius try to protect a mega powerful relic called the "Kragle" (which is actually a bottle of glue) from the tyrannical Lord Business (he wears a weird hat AND is gigantic thanks to his size 40 shoes.). He fails however and is permanently blinded by a Lord Business' laser cannon. However before the tyrant leaves Vitruvius warns Lord Business about a prophecy, which goes something like:

One day a talented lass or fellow,
A Special one with a face o yellow,
Will make the Piece of Resistance found,
From it's hiding refuge deep underground,
With a noble army at the helm,
This Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm,
And be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all time,
All of this is true because it ryhmes.

I like the last part the most. Anyway, in case you are wondering the Piece of Resistance is a LEGO Brick that can reverse the effects of the Kragle. Also, a Master Builder are LEGO Minifigures that love building things but hate using instruction manuals. Ironic because President Business (that is what Lord Business is called by civilians) made it against the law to build WITHOUT reading a instruction manual. Then again, there are turbo-dummies that rob banks and commit other crimes. Only Difference is that this president makes ridiculous laws (like it being mandatory that everyone loves the same song, among others) and building things with your imagination is the heart and soul of LEGO.

Anyway Eight (8) and a half years later we get to see the main hero of the movie: A normal, everyday minifigure who has a job as a construction worker. Ironic because he can not build anything without someone giving him step by step instructions. Anyway after a day of work this minifigure (named Emmet) tries to hang out with his coworkers, but the wind blows his "how to be popular and happy" booklet out of his tiny yellow hands. He then meets the Master Builder who calls herself "Wyldsytle" (her real name is Lucy) who is searching for something. As his "how to be popular and happy" booklet says so, Emmet originally was going to report Wyldstyle to the authorities, but he instead tries following her when she leaves the scene. Only to fall through a insanely large hole. And when  I say "large" I don't mean the "that is pretty big, bro" kind of large. I mean the "Look at the size of that thing! It's Huge!!" kind of large.

Anyway, when he finishes falling he finds the Piece of Resistance and decides to touch it (either because he heard the voice of the Piece or he was just plain curious). He passes out after experiencing a astral vision, and awakens to be interrogated by Good Cop/Bad Cop, a police officer with a split personality. Bad Cop simply assumes that Emmet is a Master Builder because the Piece of Resistance has glued itself to Emmet's back. When Bad Cop and Good Cop both fail at their interrogation methods (mostly because Emmet had a panic attack when he saw the Piece on his back) Bad/Good Cop orders a handful of robots to melt Emmet with LASERS!!!!!!

Before Emmet can be melted down, however, Wyldstyle rescues him (and kicks a robot right in the "space between the eyes and mouth" as Wyldstyle called it). Wyldstyle, like Good/Bad Cop, assumes that Emmet is Master Builder. However she learns the truth when Emmet pointing out that traveling to other worlds (they were about to escape the city by going to another world) is against the instructions. After Wyldstyle whacks Emmet in the head with a cactus, Emmet and Wyldstyle then go inside a hangout for cowboys (they were in the Old West) they meet the now blind Vitruvius, who explains that they must reunite with the remaining Master Builders (including but not limited to, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Lloyd the Green Ninja, Abraham Lincoln, a guy dressed as a clown, The 1980 something space guy, Michelangelo the artist, Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle, and the NBA Basketball All Stars) to save the universe from the Kragle (which will glue every brick in the universe together).

I gave enough spoilers for the movie so I am just going to summarize (it pains me to summarize. Rule #1 of the universe. NEVER make me summarize!) anyway after several more adventures Emmet and friends (one of which is a giant cat thing) along with a army of civilians turned Master Builder mount a final showdown on Lord Business (with Emmet unlocking his imagination and in turn, building a four armed construction vehicle themed robot to fight with), and before this Emmet is dumped off the edge of the universe and finds himself in a 12-year old kids bedroom who is actually causing EVERYTHING in the LEGO movie to happen by playing with his LEGO bricks. I would give spoilers but this is a very long movie and I need to summarize for once (I hate summarizing) to save time.

For trailers and pictures, please go to LEGO.com OR the LEGO wiki.

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