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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Naruto Time!!!

This post is about a really awesome game known as Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. Lengthy title, but no different from the video game Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON'T KNOW title. Anyway, I have the game (and completed story mode) AND unlocked pretty much everything (save for a handful of Ninja World Timeline pages. I am still working on that. and the secret boss battle, which is really, really difficult.)

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Since this is a fighting game, your character (there is 84 playable characters, most of whom have Japanese names except for three) lock fists (or in some cases, clash knives) with each other. Each character has two special moves, the Ninjutsu and Ultimate Ninjutsu (even though Itachi's Ultimate Ninjutsu is technically genjutsu). The difference between these two varies from character to character. the biggest example of these characters is Kabuto. His original form uses Dead Soul as a Ultimate Ninjutsu, but his Snake Cape form uses the same technique as a Ninjutsu. His Snake Cape form's Ultimate Ninjutsu is Summoning: Reanimation (he uses this a lot in the story mode. Mostly to build an army of undead ninja warriors of notable skill).

Also, almost every character has a Awakened form. In most cases, Awakened forms offer either a completely different move-set, a Ninjutsu that can only be used in Awakened form, or in some cases (like the main hero and title character Naruto) both. Also, some Awakened forms are more notable than others. Like how Killer Bee turns into a giant octopus like creature (named Eight-Tails) is very notable, but Kakashi's Awakened form is a lot less notable. The only thing that is different is the fact that Kakashi lifts his headband, revealing the left eye he is almost always hiding.

The story of this game is pretty long so it take forever for me to tell it in full detail. A brief summary would be better.

I am going to start way in the beginning. Thousands of years before the events of the TV show there was this ninja named the Sage of the Six Paths who apparently saved the world from a creature called the Ten-Tails. He defeated it by sealing it inside himself and later split the Ten-Tails' power, or chakra, as it is called into nine seperate beings. All of whom strongly resemble real life animals but gigantic, like the kind of gigantic that says "I'm taller than most skyscrapers". Also they have bits of human in them (the ability to talk, humanoid hands, etc.). These creatures are collectively known the Tailed Beasts, because all of them had several tails (except for the raccoon, named Shukaku, who only has one tail.)

The Tailed Beasts weren't allowed to roam freely when the Sage of the Six Paths died, however and each one was sealed inside people. The main hero of the game (as well as the entire series), Naruto is the host for arguably the most powerful of the Tailed Beast, Kurama (who is a fox. With nine tails. Hence his nickname: Nine-Tails).

At the time of the game, Naruto's close friend Sasuke had been turned evil (walking the path of darkness, as he said it) and wants to avenge his dead brother by destroying Naruto's hometown: The Hidden Leaf Village.

Later on in the game a mysterious masked man named Tobi (who copied the name of the deadliest ninja ever.) starts a war using an army of undead ninja (given to him thanks to Kabuto's ability to use Summoning: Reanimation) and "pale monsters" as the hilarious rapper Killer Bee calls (they are actually called White Zetsu but only Kabuto calls them that. Everyone else gives them a nickname).

The final story detail I give away ultimately is a major spoiler. Every Tailed Beast (minus Shukaku. I don't know where he went because his host, Gaara of the Sand, no longer hosts him) faces off against each other in a lengthy, four part boss battle against Tobi. The first two stages you play as Naruto and Killer Bee (who is using a great-sword he looted from a certain have man half shark hybrid creature) gives support, the third stage lets you play as Kurama as he KO's his brethren one by one (minus the octopus Eight-Tails, who was sitting the fight out. I forgot his real name but I will remember. Eventually). The final stage is a one-on-one duel with Tobi which lets you play as a weakened Naruto.

The Full Burst version also has a side story/bonus chapter where Sasuke teams up with his brother Itachi (who was brought back to life by Kabuto's Summoning: Reanimation) to fight Kabuto, who has entered Sage Mode. I tried this bonus fight a thousand times but I lost because it is really, really, really hard. Super Hard even. This boss fight is hard for two reasons, First, Kabuto will almost always teleport behind the player if they use a melee attack (which is inevitable, because you can only use the Uchiha Brothers: Sasuke and Itachi, who are melee fighters by nature. Itachi can use Fire Style: Fire Ball as a ranged attack, but that is literally his ONLY long ranged attack). Second. Once the player put some meaningful impact, Sage Kabuto enters his Awakened state and sometimes hops on a pillar and sends out a barrage of long ranged projectiles (these range from massive boulders to ghosts) and as soon as he is done doing that,  he jumps off the pillar and tries to skewer the player's character with a lance made entirely out of bones. Assuming you are fast enough to dodge the initial charge, he turns around and goes for a second charge.

For more info please go to the Naruto Wiki. Also, if you have the Full Burst edition and have beaten the secret boss, please leave step by step instructions in the comments.

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