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Monday, April 7, 2014

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark time!!

They are coming out with a NEW Transformers game!!!!! It is not OFFICIALLY released but they got trailers, videos, etc. AND the game looks mighty impressive. I just hope that there are more Dino-bot levels and less stealth levels. I hate the stealth levels. Though I guess that is because whenever I play any game that lets you use laser guns (like Transformers Fall of Cybertron) I love gunning down everything in sight (Scrap-maker's my personal favorite gun in the game. Can't Beat Scrap-Maker!!! Ha ha!).

But seriously, my least favorite moment of Fall of Cybertron was when I was playing as Cliffjumper. His humorous quotes (especially when you blow your cover) and sarcastic jokes he trades with Jazz make up for sneaking around. Honestly I prefer shooting everybody in the face with a Thermo-Rocket Cannon. But that's just me. You may like sneaking around doing one-hit stealth kills to everybody, but to me, NOTHING beats blasting everybody's face off with weapons of mass destruction. Or punching them in the jaw, in the VERY likely event that you (or me) run out of ammo.

Enough about Fall of Cybertron. In Rise of the Dark Spark, The Autobots (who are goody little two shoes!) and the Decepticons (polar opposite of the Autobots who again, are goody little two shoes!) race all over Earth AND Cybertron for the titular Dark Spark, something that possesses crazy awesome power. Like the kind of power to blow up half the universe.

A new feature is that the Insecticons (Decepticons that transform into giant bugs/insects/arthropods) are now playable. The Dino-bots also (just like everyone else) have been redesigned. Grimlock's T. Rex form is now notably spikier in this game than it is in the previous game.

That is pretty much everything I know about Rise of the Dark Spark. For videos and screen shots, please go to GameStop.com Or Wikipedia.

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