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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review Time!!! Part Six: Star Wars (Force Unleashed 2)

This is the sixth review I have done. You may notice that in Part Five I gave Wonderful 101 a somewhat low score. But it's just an OPINION. You may feel differently about Wonderful 101. Anyway, this time it's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. I played both the original and this one.

Okay now this game is a spin-off. It ties in to the events of Episodes 5 and 6. Furthermore, The first thing people notice is that only the bosses are tough. Because of Starkiller's (he's the hero) absurdly large arsenal of Force powers (Lightning, Mind Trick, Force Grip, and more) he is completely overpowered compared to regular enemies. He is almost invincible!!! Plus, if Starkiller's Force Powers aren't getting the job done, there is always plan B: Dual Lightsabers!!! A major improvement over the first game is you can now use Two Lightsabers at once to pull off new combos!!! Sadly, dual Lightsabers are mandatory in this game, so none of the combos of the first game return.

Also, here is the one of the two things I don't like. It is surprisingly (and annoyingly) short. Average players can beat this in a day. Me? Not to brag, but my skills are pretty good at speed running. So I'm going to guess that I could beat it in 2-4 hours easy. Even though I already beaten the game. Twice. The second time I used alternate costumes and chose the ending that I actually wanted. I pressed the wrong button when I beaten the first time and I got the Dark Side ending, when in reality I wanted the Jedi ending. But never mind that!!!!!!

Anyway. Another thing I don't like is the lack of bosses. There is only three bosses. A giant ape thing (it's called the Gorog), A sabotage droid, and (obviously) Darth Vader. I clearly remember that the first game had more bosses than you can shake a broken laser gun at. So to speak.

There is a bit of comedy thrown into the works. Starkiller and Former Jedi Master Rham Kota have a humorous discussion on how to fight the Gorog. Plus there is a surprise appearance involving a legendary Star Wars character. Try to guess which one in the comments (Hint: He started living on Dagobah as soon as Order 66 was executed, has been alive for hundreds of years, and finished Luke Skywalker's Jedi training).

All-in-All I give this game a 8.7. It would have scored higher if 1: It had a bunch of bosses. And 2: At least TEN more levels in addition to the levels already in the game.

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