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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review Time!!! Part Two: Spider Man

This is the second part of my reviews on various video games that I have played (and for most of them, beaten). This one is on The First Amazing Spider-Man.

This game is not as awesome as Spider-Man Web of Shadows but it has some stuff to back it up. Web of Shadows has upgrades that you can actually notice. This game, the upgrades are not as obvious. In fact, the only major change is how Spidey does the Stealth take-down. Before upgrading, Spider-Man pins the target to the ground and webs them to the floor. After upgrading, Spider-Man traps the victim in a cocoon and webs the cocoon to the ceiling. That is cool but it begs the question. How are cops supposed to notice the cocoon, let alone get them out without harming them? But this question is for entertainment only. There is no real answer.

Now there are two major things that I don't like about this game. Almost all the levels (except for bosses) take place indoors, taking Spidey out of his element (swinging on webs outside and delivering a LOT of cheesy jokes). And second, the Wii version of this game is a half baked game with no Free Roam and most of the time the NPC character animations look awkward. Also, Only Spider-Man's fingers move in the Wii version (which, I have. I would rather have the PS3 or Wii U version). And the optional side missions get boring really quickly (again in the Wii Version. The side missions have more variety than the Wii version).

But here are the things I do like.The Web Rush feature is nice edition (especially in the PS3 version). The Spider Sense counter has one pro and one con. On the Plus side it makes Spider Man almost untouchable in open combat. However it sometimes makes fights too easy (There is such a thing as too easy).

Finally the Boss fights are fantastic. Tricking the Rhino into smashing his head in a truck, punching robots in the eyeballs, and going toe to toe with the Lizard are some of the most enjoyable moments (even in the Wii version, which is not nearly as fun, or entertaining, as all the other versions, really.)

I would give every version except the Wii version a 8.0 and give the Wii version a 6.2. If the Wii version had Free Roam and more lifelike animations the score would have been higher, but the Wii version is nowhere near as fun as every other version. My advice; Get the PS3 version. If you think about getting the Wii version just keep on walking. The PS3 version is a whole lot better.

Now think about this. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (see part one for more details) scored higher than both scores combined. Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes. This game isn't the best Spider-Man game but is a good game (Web of Shadows is and unless they do a good job with Spider-Man 2, will probably remain the best Spider-Man game of all time).

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