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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review Time!!! Part One: Naruto

I realized something the other day. My favorite video game critics GameInformer and IGN write reviews (and previews) for literally every game out there. This is my 215th (or somewhere around that number) post and I almost never wrote a review based on personal experience.

So it's only fair to reveal my opinion on my blog. My first review is about a game I recently got (I bought on my birthday!!); Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Full burst edition!!!).

Now this game's primary focus is on story. Because they don't bother giving you a tutorial on basic combat I recommend playing with Free Battle mode before doing story mode.

The game has a LOT of cutscenes so I suggest this game for very patient gamers. For impatient speed runners there is a feature that lets you skip some cutscenes.

Also this game is not very difficult once you get the hang of basic combat (the secret optional boss is the only hard part for me. I died more times than I would like to admit on that level. But I beat the boss.). Another focus for this game is visual flair. When I first unlocked every character I tried to find the coolest looking finisher (Sasuke's Flame Control Sword wins).

Regular fights don't offer much variety sadly. The only truly unique fights are the boss battles (the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the end of Chapter 2 was my favorite. I also like fighting the final boss).

Oddly enough they have a feature which lets you turn off blood in the game. Of course the amount of blood is very minor and can be easily ignored. Unless of course you just happen to be squeamish. In which I suggest you turn off blood in story mode but only if even the tiniest drop of the red stuff churns your stomach. Other than that, keep the blood. Also the only blood appears in cutscenes only. NOT in combat.

As far as humor goes, only a handful of characters are constantly funny. Naruto has his moments (his funniest moment was when he called Might Guy "Super Bushy Brow Sensei"). Killer Bee's rhyming is quite entertaining. Especially because everyone else thinks that his rhymes are bad.

All in all, this is a great game (I give a 9.0. If the cutscenes were shorter and you could have Naruto use Summoning Jutsu the game would be better). The cutscenes are surprisingly lengthy. The longest cutscenes are in chapter four. This game is probably not the best way to refresh Naruto knowledge. After all, the references to past events are vague. At least until you fill the Ninja World Timeline book. Then you can revisit famous events from the TV show. And no. You cannot do neither the written Chunin Exams or the survival drill in the Forest of Death. You CAN do the final exams however, but they are just normal one-on-one fights. Nothing special. Also, you can't summon a certain giant red frog with a attitude.

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