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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nihilumbra Time!!!!!!!

Before you ask, I am neither doing a review or a walk-through. I am doing something I have not done in a while: Write about a game that both looks cool and I currently do not have.

Also, do not bother asking why this game is called "Nihilumbra". I have no idea why they chose the name. Anyway, the sound and graphics are downright awesome. A warning; This is one of those games that make you think about stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you ponder. A LOT. For a very long time. By "very long time" I mean somewhere around ten to twenty minutes. Well that is just my opinion.

Anyway, the story is pretty simple. There is no plot twists or anything like that. You play as something called Born, who starts out life as a simple ball with a cute face on it. At one point he shape-shifts and takes on the shape as the silhouette of a human wearing a cloak (a cloak is like a hood attached to a cape. Kind of like a Trench Coat!!), but the glowing yellow eyes stay pretty much the same.

Born used to be part of something called the Void, who is basically the villain. Sort of. Anyway, Born detaches from the Void and wants to find a purpose in life.

The game-play revolves around a clever mix of puzzle solving and helping Born stay one step ahead of the Void. After all, the Void will never let him go. Well, maybe. You have to beat the game to find out!!! Anyway, Born cannot directly fight enemies, but that is where his powers come in. He can alter the behavior of whatever the player paints with the five in-game colors!!! Paint something blue to turn it into ice so you can slide a box to a out of reach switch. Paint some walls brown and Born can climb straight up the walls (via wall-jumping). Paint something red and it catches on fire (which is the only direct way to fight enemies. You can however do a clever combo where you paint the ground beneath a patrolling enemy blue and paint one wall red and the foe slides into the flames, destroying them.).

There are plenty of levels, each with a special theme.

There is only one flaw to this game that I can see. It's download only!!!! And Guinness World Records don't consider download only (a.k.a. digital) games to be video games. Speaking of which, here is a fact for the scientifically minded. The largest video game collection consists of over 11 thousand games and 110 consoles.

For more info please go check the Wii U version on Nintendo.com OR for you mobile fanatics out there check out the official website.

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