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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Amazing Spider man 2 time!!

This post is about the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game!! Now I already know pretty much everything about the game and it came out just one day before the day of this post. Literally. It's only been out for a whole day and I know everything about the game. LITERALLY everything. Plain and Simple.

Anyway, this is something That I think is really cool about the game. Physics based web swinging!!! No more of the "webs clinging to thin air" madness from the previous game!!! The webs stick to building sides, making the game's swinging mechanic even  more realistic. But that also means that you cannot swing over Central Park. But who cares!?! Realistic web swinging!!!! So beats the unrealistic but slightly useful swing everywhere stuff from the first game.

Anyway, The game has all sorts of references from the Spider Man comics, particularly the alternate universe/timelines. Like One of the collectible costumes to customize Spider-Man with is the Spider-Man 2099 suit. Which a Spider-Man from the future wears. Complete with arm spikes!!! Anyway, Stan Lee is in the game. He runs a comic book store which the player can use to look at figurines, read in-game comic books (all of them are about Spider-Man or involve him in some way), and mess around with a Arcade machine.

Anyway, the video game has a rather robust collection of villains for Spider-Man to stop. SPOILER ALERT: Two of them are Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. the Kingpin) and Kraven the Hunter. Despite sharing the same name of the movie, the Video game has a almost completely separate plot/story (whatever).

I do not yet know the story of the movie (because I have not seen the whole movie but I know for a fact that Andrew Garfield is portraying Peter Parker, which is very nice), but the video game runs parallel to the movie. coinciding the events of the movie but having a few things different.

The game also has very useful upgrades. These range from make a sling-shot which Spider-Man shoots himself out of to travel New York quickly, to webbing enemies to walls with projectile webs. Kind of reminds me of the upgrades from Spider-Man Web of Shadows. Only difference is that in Web of shadows all the upgrades were for combat purposes only. This game has upgrades that improve both navigation and combat. So that is in a way better than Web of Shadows upgrades.

The only problem is that that the bosses aren't giant cool killer robots like in the previous game. all of the bosses are either normal sized people with above human abilities, or are genetically altered but still normal sized. It would be awesome if they made a Giant Killer Robot for Spider-Man to fight once or twice, but they removed them completely.

I won't give away the ENTIRE story because parts of it synchronize with the movie. But this summary will work. If you have read the official description on GameStop.com then you would know that it says that Peter Parker is desperately searching for the man that killed Ben Parker. Well that is not entirely true. The man that killed Peter's uncle actually gets killed himself. Almost as soon as you complete the very first level. Killed by another killer but I won't give away who the guy is for the sake of avoiding spoilers (I used to have a tendency for giving away spoilers at the earliest moment).

Anyway, I am pretty confident that Kraven the Hunter is not in the movie so here is another plot detail. Shortly after the man that killed Uncle Ben is destroyed, Spider-Man gets tips and advice from Kraven the Hunter for tracking criminals and stuff. That actually roles smoothly into the fact that you can enter STEALTH MODE. I mean sneaking around like a ninja warrior, spying on villains and sabotaging enemy equipment. Well the ninja sabotages, Spider-Man just traps enemies in cocoons made of webbing. But in case Kraven actually is in the movie, forget that you are reading this paragraph unless you love spoilers as much as I do. Either that or don't tell your friends anything you are reading on this post in case they want to see the movie and not know a thing about it before watching it.

Anyway, Web Rush returns in the second game, however aside from smoother and cooler animations when Stealth Take-downs are used (there is at least ten visually stunning animations that play out when Spider-Man uses a Stealth Take-down, followed by the occasional cheesy joke), is pretty much the same.

The direct combat has been improved, too. Press the "counter an attack" button twice when two enemies attack at the same time and Spider-Man will either trick those two enemies into hitting each other, or punch one and kick the other (at the exact same time).

Another thing that is cool is that the bonus missions have been improved. Spider-Man can now rescue people from burning buildings (at one point you have to save Stan Lee from a burning Comic Book Store), Ride on the roof of a stolen car (complete with hostage), infiltrate the hideouts of Russian mobsters (and steal the schematics for a new in-game costume) And fight twelve or so gangsters in a Police/Gang deadlock.

For more info and pictures please go to GameStop.com OR Wikipedia.

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