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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 (the movie!)!!!!!

My last post was about the video game and this post is about the movie. I saw the whole movie. Oh, and despite what a friend of mine says, seeing the trailers does NOT count as seeing the movie. That same friend is convinced that "seeing a movie" means both watching it and watching at least one of the trailers. In reality, "seeing a movie" means watching the whole movie from end to end. So yeah, don't listen to any movie facts from him.

WARNING: I am typing in minor spoilers. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!!!!!!

The movie is pretty good actually. The fight scenes were epic!!!!!! The movie has a total of three villains that Spider-Man fights: Electro (the fight between him and Spider-Man was my favorite!), Green Goblin, and the Rhino (in that order). However Spider-Man actually took down the Rhino's civilian form, whose name difficult to spell, let alone pronounce, at the beginning of the movie.

Also, Stan Lee makes yet another cameo in this movie (he makes a cameo in EVERYTHING involving Marvel!!). Right at the beginning of the movie, Peter Parker is slightly late for his graduation. When he arrives, Stan Lee is not only in the audience, but also says "I know that guy!" when he sees Peter show up.

Oh, and I also played the video game based off the movie (I rented it two days ago) And I can say that the guy that killed the guy that killed Ben Parker in the first movie is not in this movie at all. So I can give away his name!! The "killer's killer" is Cletus Kassady. If you are Spider-Man Comic expert, you would know who Cletus Kassady is. If you don't, he is also known as Carnage, which is the red, psychopath version of Venom. Even before Cletus bonded with the Red Symbiote he was already a ruthless lunatic. However, in some comics Carnage does not even have a civilian name, because in those comics he is just a mindless creature sucking the life out of anyone in it's way.

Anyway, Kraven the Hunter is also not in the movie. And neither is Kingpin. In fact the video game has a very robust gallery of bad guys for Spider-Man to deal with. Well, robust compared to the movie. Only problem is that only two of the six villains (in the video game) actually team up. The game would be much more awesome if all the villains teamed up to form a new Sinister Six.

Anyway, here is another minor spoiler: The Rhino is not a muscle-bound guy in a cheesy rhino costume (like in the main comics), but instead is a slightly average guy with an accent (not sure what kind. It sounds like a Russian accent but I am not sure) driving a robot with the head of a rhino. Complete with Gatling guns, bazookas, Bullet-proof armor, Missiles, more Missiles, and even more Missiles (okay it has a LOT of Missiles!!).

For more info please go to Wikipedia or watch the movie yourself assuming you have enough money.

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