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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Plants vs Zombies (Ultimate)!!!!!!!!

In case you are wondering why I included the word "ultimate" in the title of this post, it is because "ultimate" is my second favorite descriptive (Coming second to "mega"). Anyway I did a Plants vs Zombies post some time ago and it had early info. Now here is finalized info.

There are three main modes (all of which allow multiplayer): Garden Ops, where a team of plants (see picture) pick a spot to plant a garden and try to survive exactly ten rounds of protecting said garden from a horde of the fun-dead. In other words, ZOMBIES!!!!!!

PvZ GW E3 Screens 05 WM
A Cactus (the Sniper) and a Chomper (the melee guy)
take on one of the bosses of Garden Ops.

Every five rounds you have to fight at least one boss (if you are lucky the jackpot slots used to decide which boss to fight will give you 500 coins). Very Rarely you get three icons representing the same boss and the boss you fight will be super-charged (complete with a cute cut-scene).

But here is the toughest part of Garden Ops. If your team survives all ten rounds, Crazy Dave shows up in his flying RV (I would put a picture but I cannot find any pictures of him or his RV) to evacuate your team. It takes Crazy Dave five whole minutes to reach the pick up zone. Just be standing in the green circle by the time he parks his RV and you will complete Garden Ops mode (you can play as many times you want)

Another mode (my favorite) is Gardens and Graveyards (see below). This is one of the two modes that let you play as ZOMBIES!!!! Anyway in Gardens and Graveyards the game is sort of like a traditional Capture the Flag (it's a shooter. All shooters need a Capture the Flag mode!!!). Only difference is that only the Zombie team needs to capture the flag or in this game the garden. They have to capture it in less that 5 minutes (around the time Crazy Dave parks his RV in Garden Ops). But here is a catch. As soon as the Zombies capture the garden, another garden appears, the timer resets, and the leader of the Zombies orders you to capture that garden as well. But there are exactly ten or so gardens for every map/arena/location (whatever). Capturing them all (in a predetermined order) means the Zombies can take care of their true objective which varies from map to map. In one map the Zombies try to assassinate a giant sunflower growing in a lighthouse. In the next they try to disarm a nuclear pickle (a nuclear missile shaped like a pickle) the Plants built to be rid of the Zombies.

PvZ Gamescom 03 WM
a lone Engineer Zombie (the builder guy) tries to capture
a garden guarded by a Sunflower (who is the healer)

The final mode is Team Vanquish. Which is simply put, a twelve-on-twelve death-match. Whichever side gets 50 kills wins (see below).

Team Vanquish
Two All-Star Zombies teaming up in a death-match.

There are eight classes in the game (four for each team). Here is a list.
The first Plant I will talk about is arguably the best plant to choose for beginners (see below). It's the Peashooter!!!!


The Peashooter is very mobile but some people might notice that the Peashooter is the only plant that can't plant disposable defenses. Thus, Peashooters are forced to play a more aggressive role. Their shots deal fairly decent damage (doubly so for head-shots) and come with a Chili Bean Bomb. A bomb shaped like a Chili Bean. Also with the press of a button it can become a Gatling Gun. Plus it has a Hyper Mode which lets Peashooters run insanely fast and jump ridiculously high.

 the next class is my favorite Plant: The Cactus!!!!!!


The Cactus is many things. But he (some people call it she. I will call it he for future reference) is a sniper at the core. His shots have literally the longest reach in the whole game. And as such the Cactus can deploy portable cover in the form of walnuts (all of his abilities involve summoning something in addition to her primary weapon). The Cactus can also summon a Garlic Drone for two things. SNEAK ATTACKS and CORN STRIKES. Cacti can also place Potato Mines anywhere they choose, which will instantly kill anything that steps on them.

The next Plant is arguably the most important during co-op matches. The Sunflower!!!!!

The Sunflower is a healer, having several different methods of healing wounded comrades. These range from dropping miniature versions of herself to shooting friends with a heal-beam. A Laser Beam that heals wounded allies!!! But like every class she needs to fight and has a crazy fast rate of fire. And the ability to shoot a continuous beam of sunlight that looks like Cyclops' (from X-Men) signature laser beam. When this is upgraded the beam looks more like the primary cannon of the Death Star from Star Wars. The one that can destroy entire planets.

The Final Plant is slightly unbalanced in terms of fairness. The Chomper!!!


The Chomper is a melee guru. It can instantly kill Zombies with a single bite from those over-sized teeth. A Bite from behind will make Chompers swallow their victims whole!!! Sadly, it's only ranged attack is spitting slime on Zombies, but it does not damage them but even worse, holds them still long enough for the Chomper to deal............the death blow. Chompers are capable of burrowing underground for a sneak attack (they move twice as fast underground). Also they can place mines similar to the Cactus' Potato Mine but instead hoist the victim upside down and immobilizes them.

Now for Zombies.

It is interesting to note that the Zombies have their own version of the Plants abilities.

Anyway, here is my favorite Zombie.


The All-Star Zombie has the biggest health gauge in the game, with exactly 200 health. But you will die just as quick as any other zombie if you are careless. That big heavy gun has infinite ammo (unless overheated). It is interesting to note that All-Star Zombies are the only Zombies to hold their guns with BOTH hands. All the other Zombies one hand their guns. All-Stars can deploy portable cover, but only after leveling up (The characters can level up, just like in a R.P.G.). They can also throw/kick bombs. And they are the Zombies' melee guy and as such, he has a melee attack (a stampede).

This Zombie is the Zombies answer to the Cacti and Chompers.


The Engineer is........I am not sure what to call him. He can build things, His gun shoots concrete, he rides around on a Jackhammer (Zombie version of Peashooter's Hyper Mode), and he calls in air strikes. The Engineer can disarm Chompers by lobbing a sonic grenade. His deploy-able Flying Robot can do everything the Cactus' Garlic Drone can do. But I do not know what to call him. What do you think I should call him?

The next Zombie is a very special one.


The Foot-Soldier Zombie is two things. A Damage Per Second guy and a "get around swiftly" guy, thus making him a valuable asset in Gardens and Graveyards. His gun has rapid-fire capability. The Missile Launcher on his back can be used for super jumps as well as a insanely awesome missile barrage. He also has smoke bombs that make him invisible to everyone (friend and foe) and suffocate Plants when caught in the smoke.

The Final Zombie is great for twelve-on-twelve death-matches but is difficult to use in Gardens and Graveyards.


The Scientist is a healer and somewhat of Damage Per Second guy. As you can see in the picture above, he has a glorified shotgun. It spreads out too. The Scientist is not has good a healer compared to the Sunflower, as it has only one way to heal wounded zombies until fully upgraded. When fully upgraded the Scientist has two ways to heal. The first is the throw a modified grenade that heals Zombies if they are caught in the explosion. The other is it's default method for healing; Dropping a soda can right where it is standing that sprays soda everywhere, healing any Zombie (including the Scientist) within six feet (two meters) of the soda can. He can also teleport\and throw grenades.

The game also has a Sticker Shop where you can spend coins on stuff to customize the eight classes (see above) or disposable minions. Both Plants and Zombies have minions. The difference? Plant Minions stay in one place and guard places of interest for the Plants while Zombie minions serve as meat-shields for the main Zombies. Summoning a ton of both types of minion equals chaos......Actually, The whole game can get frantic. Which is a good thing in the world of interactive entertainment because frantic and chaos = fun, exciting experience.

For more info pleas go to Plants vs Zombies wiki.

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