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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Super Smash Bros Time (Where is Mewtwo!?!?!)!!!!!!

This post is about the upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 game(s) for 3DS and Wii U. Admittedly I am only going to get the Wii U version. Not only does it have better graphics (the Wii U version is in HD!) but I also do not have a 3DS. Why? Because me + tiny screens = me not being able to see squat. Literally. I have a friend with a 3DS that he absolutely loves and he tried showing off Pokemon X and Y when we got together in a park (I forgot which one. I have bad navigational skills) I couldn't see anything while he could see even the smallest detail.


Speaking of X and Y, Not one but TWO Pokemon are playable in both versions: Charizard (see above) and Greninja (see below)!!!


But where is Mewtwo!?!?!?! I need Mewtwo!!!!!!! He is my favorite Physic Pokemon of all time (I got one favorite for every type)!!!! But seriously, it would be awesome if they included Mewtwo as a playable character or even an assist trophy as long as he is in the game. But wondering where Mewtwo is aside, Greninja is pretty cool (he is my favorite Water type). Not to mention Charizard is his own character!!! No more Pokemon Trainers to use him as a meat-shield.

Anyway, Here is some bad news. The Wii U version is not coming out until winter but guess what? 3DS players get a break because the 3DS version is being released like 4 whole months ahead of the Wii U. Sorry Wii U players.

I also no that several returning characters have been modified a bit. Pit (from Kid Icarus) now uses the weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising. Captain Olimar's Up Special now summons a Winged Pikmin that carries Olimar and his Pikmin soldiers to wherever the player wants. The Winged Pikmin stays around longer if Olimar brings fewer Pikmin (he can have no more than three active at once).

Furthermore, Zelda and Shiek are no longer the same character. They are now separate characters and as such, their move-set has been edited to exclude transformations (Zelda's Downward Special Move summons a suit of armor from Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks).

Bowser has also been altered. He now stands upright as opposed to his constant slouch from the previous game (Super Smash Bros Brawl). Plus he now actually runs instead of doing that weird robotic sliding thing he did in Brawl. Also, He has a donkey kick attack.

Final Smashes are back, too. Almost every returning character's original Final Smashes have been replaced with brand new ones (Pit puts on the Three Sacred Treasures and starts wrecking havoc on any fools in his path, Greninja does what looks like a barrage of sword swipes midair while the full moon rises behind him, Samus Aran from Metroid does a edited Zero Laser that lets her keep her Power Suit, etc).

And for the first time in Smash history, Mega Man joins the brawl!!!!! He has his Mega Buster, He has his arsenal (made up solely of powers copied from the Robot Masters) and can summon Rush. He even has a Meteor Attack (an aerial attack that pushes it's victims downwards)!!!!!!

Also, Little Mac from Punch-Out! is also in the game. In my opinion his KO Punch can be a bit overpowered. Good news is he cannot spam it!!! He has to wait until the energy bar above his health gauge is full!!! Also, Little Mac can be completely helpless pretty much as soon has he jumps. His Final Smash works just like Bowser's old Final Smash from Brawl: First Little Mac turns into Giga Mac and starts sowing the seeds of chaos. All of Mac's moves are insanely powered up while in Giga Mac mode.

It interesting to note that while almost every veteran fighter in the game(s) are based off their most recent appearance in their own series Link and Zelda are still based off their appearance in Twilight Princess. They have been that way since brawl. One would think they would be based off Skyward Sword by now.

Here is a gallery of some of the confirmed playable characters (images here and above are from Super Smash Bros Wiki). NOTE: SAMUS HAS TWO DIFFERENT VARIATIONS. BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME CHARACTER, I WILL NOT POST PICTURES OF BOTH. SAME APPLIES WITH ZELDA.

Little Mac!!!!




Luigi SSB4 (1)
Luigi (doing something weird)


Lucario ssbwu3ds

Mega Man!!!!!



King Dedede (pronounced "d-d-d)!!!!!

Rosalina & Luma SSB4
Rosalina (with Luma)!!!!!!

Sonic SSB4
Sonic the Hedgehog (looking forward to
his next adventure for the Wii U!)!!!

For more characters, smashes, and funny reactions to Mega Man's arrival in the Super Smash Bros Universe please go to the official website (go to Super Smash Bros Wiki for detailed info)!!!!

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