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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sly Cooper Time!!!!

This is a blog post about Sly Cooper!!! The games are awesome And to this day I have no idea why a did not pick one of the games up and try it out myself.

Anyway, Sly Cooper is about a raccoon named Sly Cooper (see picture below) who happens to be the latest in a (very) long line of thieves. That's right. One might say stealing things is the Cooper Clan's family business. Sly himself is a thief but he goes by a single policy: Only steal things that have already been stolen. But Sly isn't in this business by himself because he brought his two most trusted friends with him. The first one is a turtle named Bentley who after the events of Sly Cooper 3 (I think. I am a bit rusty at the moment, so ignore false facts I put in by mistake) is stuck in a wheel chair. The other is THE MURRAY!!!!!! He is a hippo. With a Van. That can travel through time as of Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time. And all of his attacks in Sly Cooper 4 sound like the signature moves of a Mexican Wrestler. Like "El Drop'o".

This is Sly Cooper.

This is Bentley the Turtle.

This is THE MURRAY!!!!!!!

Anyway Sly Cooper 4 reveals that Sly is of multi-racial descent (Japanese, Western, British, Arabian, etc.). Because in that game a book called the "Thievus Raccoonus" (which chronicles the entire Cooper Clan, their stealing methods, personalities and more) was being erased from history by the villain of that game Le Paradox. Who is a skunk. With a French accent. Anyway Sly and his friends transform The Murray's van into a time machine. And have several zany (that is right. I said zany) adventures in the distant past along with the police officer Carmelita Fox (I am not sure if I spelled her name right. I am not good at typing in names like that on my computer).

The gameplay is awesome too. When playing as a member of the Cooper Clan (You can play as Sly's ancestors) you MUST sneak around everywhere. Not only are there guards crawling up and down every possible path you can take, but if the enemies don't see you you can actually pick their pockets and make a quick $100 or so). That is fairly easy for literally every part of the game Because you can stand on tiny footholds, walk on tightropes, swing form hooks, and take photos of important objects and characters. The last one is required at the beginning of literally every episode except for two. The very first episode and the final episode.

Also, Sly Cooper has a cane. Like every other Cooper. A Cooper Cane!!!!! Every Cooper has one and they customize it to match that particular Coopers stealing methods (Sly's cane has a hook so he can use it to pickpocket, Sly's Western ancestor Tennessee Kid Cooper turned his cane into a a Old West style rifle, Sly's Japanese ancestor Riochi Cooper has two canes that he uses like swords).

Also, the music in Thieves in Time has a 1930's Noir feel to it. Noir means Detective!!!! I sound like the Argosy Captain from Monster Hunter Tri/3 Ultimate. Because he would almost always end a sentence with a word from a foreign language and he would shout the meaning of said word out loud in your character's face (Captain: "This island is far away from the city. Getting good communication here is no walk in koen. Koen means Park!!!").

Anyway, there are also several mini-games. These range from feeding two dozen corrupt sheriffs sarsaparilla laced with sleeping agents to challenging one of the game's bosses to a ice skating contest. The only mini-games that can be repeated several times in the game's story mode are the cute hacking mini-games you need Bentley to beat. One of which is a tank-versus-everything-else shooter where Bentley makes a digital tank as his virus up-loader (I do not know the proper term. But all I know is how to look up funny videos and cheats for tough video games) and must guide it to the exit (and blast apart anything in the way) to complete the hack. Another can be somewhat annoying because you have to tilt the controller to move a white ball  and deliver it to the exit within a time limit.

For more info please go to the Sly Cooper Wiki.

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