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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chibi-Robo Time!!!!!!

This post is about a very funny and cute video game that reminds me (and probably you) of Toy Story.

The first game is the original Chibi-Robo for the Gamecube. Now I am going to tell you why the game is called that. In it, you play as a cute robot named Chibi-Robo, who is hilariously small. In fact he is no taller than Four Inches (10 Centimeters if you use the Metric System).

Chibi-Robo unlike a lot of video game robots actually follows a simple programming. To assist anyone and everyone any way he can. Normally robots in video games don't follow their own programming (either because their were programmed with a free will, or because they are refusing to obey their programming).

Chibi-Robo has only two flaws in his design (here is a picture below. NOTE ALL PICTURES ARE FROM CHIBI-ROBO WIKI). First his small size means he needs something or someone bigger than him (which is literally everybody except his fellow robot Telly Vision), and he needs to recharge his Double A batteries just to survive (hence the reason he has a plug on the end of his tail).

Chibi-Robo Pick Up Plug
He is a cute little guy.

Now here is the reason this game reminds people of Toy Story. You see, Chibi-Robo is technically a toy (he WAS built by a toy manufacturing company after all) and his masters (the Sandersons family) bought way too many toys for their daughter, Jenny, who is for some reason convinced that she is not human but is a frog. But these toys are special. They spring to life as soon as the sun goes down. All of the toys are hilarious. EXAMPLE: The toy calling himself Space Hunter Drake Redcrest (The Chibi-Robo version of Buzz Lightyear) keeps yammering on about how he is a bringer of justice. In fact, he reminds me of literally every Power Ranger hilariously combined with a anime style action figure with the head of a chicken. Why? Because he is a bringer of JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to type that in. I just had to. That is actually how Drake says the word "justice" by the way. He shouts it at the top of his plastic lungs. In fact he is so funny here is a picture of him.

Space Hunter Drake Redcrest (Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder) 
See what I mean? Chicken man!!!! I swear
he looks like a Chicken. DO you think he looks like a
Chicken? A Chicken of JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Chibi-Robo also can modify himself with upgrades from the in-game shop. The most important upgrade is Chibi-Robo's Blaster. The Blaster is almost perfect. It's only flaw is that it doesn't make a "pew, pew" noise when you fire it. It comes in handy because as Optimus Prime from Transformers would say "There is a Villain for every Hero" (he said that in the trailer for Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark), and the villain of Chibi-Robo is an army of evil robots that look like spiders.

You remember when I said that Chibi-Robo depends on the energy of a double A battery for survival? Well literally everything Chibi-Robo does wastes his battery life. In fact the Blaster uses that same battery life as ammo.

Chibi-Robo also has a prototype form called Giga-Robo which is actually as tall as an average human being. A Giant compared to his modern day form. But Giga-Robo uses twelve times as much energy, and thus almost caused an energy crisis. And when Chibi-Robo finds his ancestor lying helplessly in the Sandersons' basement he decides to rebuild him and bring back to the world of the living. Even though Robots can never truly die. Robots are immortal. If even a piece of them remains intact they can survive ANYTHING. And even then I can name at least two robots that can download themselves into other robots. One of whom is Ultron, which is a super villain from Marvel.

In the first game Chibi-Robo has only one primary objective, which is to simply follow his programming (Housekeeping, Cleaning, shooting evil robots close to his size in the face, bringing "dead" robots back to life, Squirting honey in a teddy bear's mouth, etc.). In the next game Chibi-Robo Park Patrol Chibi-Robo has to be the groundskeeper for a park. In the game after that Chibi-Robo Photo Finder, Chibi-Robo has to travel back in time to collect everyday objects to fill up a Museum in the distant future. Occasionally stopping to help out more toys with their problems (A pair of talking Condiments ask Chibi-Robo to deliver one of five ingredients, a Sponge wants Chibi-Robo to clean everything in sight, and Space Hunter Drake Redcrest wants Chibi-Robo to prove that he is a bringer of JUSTICE!!!!!!!! Again, I could not resist typing that in).

There is also a Japan exclusive Chibi-Robo game that is internationally called Chibi-Robo 3, though when you translate the Japanese name  (おかえり!ちびロボ!ハッピーリッチー大そうじ) it reads "Welcome Home Little-Robo! Rich, Big Sweep!". NOTE: In Japan Chibi-Robo is called Little-Robo. Possibly because he is only four inches tall. Roughly the same size as a small toy. How do I know this? Wikipedia is the ultimate answer for everything. Except how to build a working Lightsaber. And how to speak Korean. Anyhow, In that game Jenny is now a fully grown adult (and seems to not remember pretending to be a frog) and Chibi-Robo has to micro manage everything involving the Sandersons. Even the electricity. In order to save money the Sandersons are using environment-friendly energy. By throwing refuse in a trash compactor it generates enough electricity to recharge Chibi-Robo. Only Problem is that Chibi-Robo has to do this manually. The Japanese letters are from Wikipedia by the way.

Anyway, All of the Chibi-Robo games are cute and funny (doubly so because of Drake Redcrest and is campaign of JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The only thing more funny than Drake Redcrest is Geotron, another robot that is obsessed with accuracy and reminds me of the original Mega-Zord from Power Rangers. After all he shouts weird things like "Final!!! Geotron!!!! THUNDER!!!!!!!" or "Is THAT your final answer? Is it? IS IT!?!?!?!" or even "Super!!!! Geotron!!!! X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". As you can see from these quotes, Geotron is almost constantly shouting at something. One might say he is over-dramatic.

For more info please go to Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia knows everything. Except for teaching people how speak any language other than English. Which is a shame really.

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