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Monday, April 21, 2014

My tips and tricks!!! Monster Hunter Tri (part one)

I did a review on one of my favorite Wii games and now I am doing the next thing better. I guide for most of the Quests!!!!! And on how to fight some of the toughest monsters in the game (WARNING: This guide applies only to the solo campaign. Cooperative campaign has separate monsters, but because almost all the servers are currently shut down, if you want to hunt those monster you must buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate). I am doing these tips and tricks simply because this game can get a bit complex for those just getting into Monster Hunter. If you want to read a particular guide, please read the one with the assign chapter on it.

Okay now let's start at the beginning. BACK TO THE BEGINNING!!! Anyway, here is the lowdown. First, create a character. You can customize clothing, hair, face design (the options are not that notable), and even the voice. One of the voices makes your character sound like Link from Legend of Zelda. That is (my opinion) the only heroic sounding voice. Voice, face design, and gender (another thing you can tweak) are all permanent choices, so choose the options you like most.

Now we get to the actual game. PROLOGUE: SETTING UP A NEW CAREER. After creating your character, you are sent to Moga Village by the Hunting Guild, complete with hunting license and basic training. Now after you get settled in to Moga, your first priority is to talk to everyone with a yellow speech icon above their head. Important N.P.C.'s (Non Playable Character) include Village Chief (the guy with the thick green cape), who reveals that Moga has recently been experiencing severe earthquakes (or rather, sea-quakes, because Moga is built on a beach), The Outfitter (the girl next to the Blacksmith) who sells bare minimum weapons and armor (do NOT bother buying armor from her, unless you just started, in which case buy the strongest set she currently has), and the Chief's Son (everyone calls him Junior, even though he hates being called that), who not only can predict monster behavior patterns up to three days in the future (he spends a LOT of time in the woods), but also hosts optional bonus missions called Villager Requests.

You don't get to do a lot of actual Questing (I guess you can call it that) because another important N.P.C. is the Guild Sweet-Heart. who is basically your character's best friend for pretty much the whole game. After all, if you want to partake in a Quest, you need to talk to her first (and pay an insurance fee of $100). The reason you are not given any assignments is because the Sweet-Heart is still setting up her counter.

Now after chatting with the villagers your next objective is to go Moga Woods and use a few Herbivores and later a few raptor like monsters called Jaggi as target practice. Oh and also do your first carve. Just for future reference, you can cut off a piece of monster to get valuable loot (the process is called carving). By carving, you can make armor that gives you some of the abilities of the monster you carved to get the armor!!! Only problem is that you have no idea what you will get when you carve. You could get a claw when you wanted a scale or bone. For your first carve all you have to do is try to get a piece of Raw Meat from a Herbivorous monster. I advise you try Aptonoth for raw meat. You will almost always get Raw meat if you carve Aptonoth. Once you get Raw Meat, you have to deliver it to the Chief's Son, who is at the currently devastated Base Camp, which is where you will start every Quest at.

Junior will then cook the Raw Meat and BBQ it, turning it into Steak. Steak is very useful during lengthy hunts/Quests. You see, your character will slowly start to get hungry as time passes in any hunt. The hungrier your character gets, the less distance you cover in a sprint. Now you want to be able to run from a monster that is a bit out of your league. You can't do that if your character gets too hungry (to the point where his/her stomach is constantly growling). Junior will also give you a BBQ Spit which will enable you to make more Steak.

Okay NOW you can go Questing. CHAPTER 1: RISE TO FAME. Your first Quest is simply to go pluck a handful of special mushrooms. But the mushrooms you need are somewhat rare and every Quest has a Time Limit (normally the time limit is one hour in real life, even though sometimes you have to do it in less that 30-15 minutes in real life). There is no tips and tricks for this one, besides being so persistent that your neighbors will describe you as stubborn for the rest of your life.

After getting the mushrooms, another set of Quests is unlocked. Do them in any order you want! The one titled Farm Aid was requested by the Farmer (use his farm to make plants, mushrooms, honey, and bugs. All of which you can easily sell for a ton of money!!). In that one, you have to kill five Jaggia (they give you more rewards if you kill ten Jaggi). The difference between Jaggi and Jaggia is simple. Jaggia are slightly bigger and much fatter and have what look like long floppy ears. They shouldn't be too much trouble They might land a few lucky blows but they will rarely defeat you and even then if you are so cocky you think you can one hit kill these guys.

All the other quests are similar to the "go pluck mushrooms" quest. Now let's talk about this really annoying and slightly terrifying Quest. It's called "Guts: It's What's for Dinner". All you need to do is carve a few giant fish-like Herbivores for three pieces of Monster Guts. Doubly simple because the monster that gives up Monster Guts is so weak you can almost always one-hit-kill them with literally any weapon. But here comes the crazy terrifying part. First, when you enter the water, there is only ONE of them. You have to take the underwater passage to the next area to get to the rest. But when you do, you meet your first big league monster: THE LAGIACRUS!!!!!! You are NOT to engage Lagiacrus because ONE: Lagiacrus is just plain cool looking (it's a giant lizard covered in spikes) and TWO: You are a weakling when you do this Quest for the first time so you need to Go SMOOTH and try your best to get the Monster Guts while avoid Lagiacrus (you can out-swim easily, assuming you recently ate a Steak or two before entering the water).

If you are brave enough to get over the fact that Lagiacrus came very close to eating your character you unlock your first Urgent Quest. They actually are not that different from regular Quests, they just have special objectives that no other Quest has (protecting a potential sidekick, saving a town from a bearded whale, etc.)

Now we get to the somewhat tougher missions. CHAPTER 2: WORLD TOUR. Now the Hunting Guild is allowing you to hunt in faraway countries!!! Yeah!!!!! This one is the Sandy Plains. Now this one is a bit challenging. Go there during the day, your character might get a mild sunstroke. SO bring a Cold Drink to tolerate the heat. But at night, your character will be freezing. So bring a Warm Drink to face the cold.

These quests are pretty easy. Now let's talk boss fight. That's right, first boss. Great Jaggi. It's simply a dinosaur like monster with elephant like ears and a stripe of fur on it's back. I advise you bring a Great Sword for this one. The fight will go much more smoothly if you bring a Great Sword. Then again, that depends on which weapon you feel comfortable using. Plus, he moves around a lot, so if you do bring a Great sword, it's all about timing. When you see him howl or bark that is the PERFECT moment to hit him. Oh and also watch out. Great Jaggi will ALWAYS bring a handful of regular Jaggi to distract you with. And be sure to hit him with a Paintball as soon as you see him. He tends to run away when you start gaining the upper hand.

Once you kill Great Jaggi (destroy and carve him enough and you will have your first STRONG armor), you got to do another Quest but this time, you got to capture Great Jaggi. ALIVE. A lot harder than it sounds. First you got to hit him a couple of times, then when you see him limping and drooling, STOP HITTING HIM. Oh, and do NOT bring any kind of Great Sword. Chances are the Great Sword will kill him before he even shows any sign of weakness. This one requires a LOT of practice.

Once you catch Great Jaggi, you get more Quests. CHAPTER 3: FROM ZERO TO HERO. Most of these Quests take place in a New land, the Flooded Forest (it is actually a swamp). All of them are fairly easy, at least until NEW BOSS. Barroth!!!! Rule one about fighting this guy. NEVER attack his head. His skull is so thick that your weapon(s) will bounce right off. At least until you reach final boss. Maybe by then you SHOULD have something you chop up his head. Now once you beat this guy you get to face off against two other bosses. I will only talk about the harder boss: Royal Ludroth. This guy is your first AQUATIC target so be ready to take a dive. LITERALLY!!!! Bring plenty of Potions, Mega Potions and other essentials.

Now here comes a Story Twister. By now you should be able to do the Urgent Quest "Shakalaka Savior". This one is very easy (doubly so if you bring the strongest weapon you currently have). You meet your soon to be sidekick: Cha-Cha!!!! Love Cha-Cha!! He is so cute!!! He is a Tiki-Man. And surprisingly useful. And he speaks in the third person!!! Seriously people, what is more cute than a very helpful Tiki-Man that speaks in the third person? Almost nothing that's what. The only thing cuter than that is a penguin. Anyway, Cha-Cha is being bullied by Jaggi (and Ludroth). So what do you do? You do a FREE-FOR-ALL-BRAWL!!! Once you save Cha-Cha's life (thrice) he will serve you as your semi-humble sidekick. Or apprentice. Or protege. Whatever, he's your character's student and you are the sensei (sensei is Japanese for teacher).

Now comes the good juicy stuff. CHAPTER 4: TIME FOR PAYBACK. By now you should have met the oh-so-important Argosy Captain. The Argosy is a delivery ship and Moga Village's link to the outside world. The Captain of said ship is from a place called the Wyvernian Hub. Thus he speaks mostly by including words from most Asian languages in his sentences. Anyway, the Captain and Village Chief are childhood friends, and will give the player useful supplies (traps, bombs, materials, etc.) in exchange for something of equal value (I.E. Roughly 75 or so Curved Fangs equal a handful of Sonic Bombs and two Max Potions). A Felyne chef will also sell you exotic foods that will do major or minor tweaks on your character, such as raising/lowering Health, Boosting Attack Power, and giving you a extra set of skills.

I advise that you do a LOT of free hunting when the Argosy is out at sea (even if you tell the crew to go to one place, it is going to take a LOT of time for them to return). Also, when he first arrives, a Felyne (that is a kind of monster, which help hunters hunt other monsters by either giving tools, treating them to exotic and really expensive food, or growing plants, honey, mushrooms, and bugs, for combining into supplies).

Now here is the awesome part. You remember when Lagiacrus humiliated you and chased you out of the sea? Good. Because that same Lagiacrus was seen resting in the Deserted Island (the very first region you hunt at. Unlocked as soon as you start up the game). So go and get a taste of the Lagiacrus' power. If you just happen to be a power-hungry kind of hunter, You DEFINITELY want to fight Lagiacrus (and earn the right to destroy him) and carve him up for the toughest Low Rank armor ever. By the time you fight him, you should unlock the Switch Ax AND the Long Sword. I recommend using a Long Sword. It is somewhat easier to fight Lagiacrus with a Long Sword.

Once you repel him (and later destroy him) we get to what could be the TOUGHEST part of the game. CHAPTER 5: BECOMING A LEGEND. Now you get to fight three new bosses: Rathalos (a.k.a. the King of the Sky), a dragon like Monster that spends more than half it's time flying around, Barioth, which looks like a cross between a bat and a Saber-tooth Tiger, and I forgot who the last one is but it's another dragon that attacks from below by tunneling everywhere. The second one is probably the toughest because it is almost always moving. I have yet to beat any of these, even with my toughest armors.

But I will give one more guide. One of the TOUGHEST, MOST ANNOYING Kind of Quest you can do.  Carrying heavy objects around. CHAPTER 6: DRAGGING LUGGAGE. The first one is the easiest. Go to Area 7 in the Sandy Plains (the deep dark part of it. It's got a pool of water in it and a VERY large dead tree). Try gathering at the bone pile at the base of the tree. Assuming you haven't stuff your Pouch full, you should get a Herbivore Egg. These eggs are so big that they can't fit in your pouch, so your character will hold the egg firmly with both hands. Now there are two things that you need to know about carrying heavy eggs. First, if your character's stamina is fully depleted, You will drop the egg, and it will break, so you got to make sure that you sprint only when you have to. Second. You cannot pull out your weapon when carrying eggs, nor can you take damage (not even from the environment), as both will make you drop and break the egg. Avoid confrontation, sprint sparingly. Keep those four words in your head and you can ROCK Carry Quests.

The second is a bit tougher. Instead of Herbivore Eggs, you need to deliver Wyvern Eggs. Same Shape, Same Size, Same Weight. Only difference is that instead of dozens of angry Herbivorous Monsters trying to kill you while you make the delivery, It's something much more dangerous that's trying to kill you: A Rathian. Which is simply what you call a female Rathalos (aside from being forest green in skin color instead of blood red, there is no difference between them).

By now the Felyne chef should have made level two meals. So I advise that you keep eating his food until you get the "Felyne Lander" skill. It allows you to jump off cliffs and not stumble upon landing. Very useful for this Quest because there is a short-cut to Base Camp (this applies to all Carry Quests. You must drop the target item off at the red box, which is the one that is closest to the bed). First, get the egg in Area 8 of Deserted Island (you can't miss it. I looks like a giant bird nest. Filled with the skeletons and decaying remains of the Rathian's prey!) and, assuming you got Felyne Lander, jump off the edge of the Rathian nest.

If you do it right, your character will land in Area 5 (which is RIGHT underneath Area 8 in terms of elevation). From there, go to Area 2 (which is a open meadow surrounded by a trio of mountains) and Sprint to Base Camp. I said Sprint because Rathian will routinely patrol her own nest and Areas 7 through 2. So if you see Rathian ANYWHERE, remember one thing: Run, Forest, Run!!

The last one is the toughest (assuming you don't have any armor with the Transporter Pro active skill). Now the good news is you don't need to risk your character's life for a bunch of eggs. Instead, you have to march into the very HEART of a Volcano. Once you make your way there you have to grab a Powder-Stone. Before you can ask "What is a Powder-Stone?", they are basically grayish red stones. Very Popular for forging armor and weapons. But they are really hot to the touch. So hot that they burn your characters hands simply by holding them. Chances are your character is going to have third-degree burns by the time he/she delivers the Powder-Stones!! He he. But seriously, your character will lose a sliver of Health every on third of a second you hold the Powder-Stone. Well actually every two seconds assuming you are wearing something with the Heat Cancel (High) skill. However, only the Loc Lac armor set has both Transporter Pro and Heat Cancel (High). it's literally one of the VERY first armors you can make, even though the only easy way to make it quickly is one: Slay a handful of Giggi and hope that you can carve off a few pieces of Velvety Hide. And two: Do the Bug Hunt Quest over and over until you have a handful of Altarath Stomachs. I would not recommend wearing Loc Lac armor during a Boss battle. The whole set has a ridiculously low defense, and that means most bosses will eat you alive if you make a mistake and get hit.

Okay, I will deliver more Tips and Tricks. As soon as I get revenge on Barioth. But seriously, if anyone knows how I can easily kill Barioth, please put in the weapon I should use, armor set I should wear, and items I should bring in the comments. Your advice will be taken and tested by Me!!

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