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Monday, August 11, 2014

Dust: An Elysian Tale!!!!!!

This. Game. Is. Awesome. If you are reading this post right now and never heard of this game, Go out there and buy it right now. It's really good (and download only).


This game was made by the Indie developer Humble Hearts and is brilliant!!!!!!!

Here is a basic premise/summary of the story (which is incredible)

Basically it's about a.... Thing..... I think he is a cross between a rabbit and a fox. Anyway, his name is Dust (obviously he is the main hero. His name is in the game title!!!)

Dust is two things. First and most importantly, he has amnesia. No memory of anything except his name. And Two, he is a near-unstoppable Swordsman. Where did he get his skills? I cannot tell you without giving away spoilers.


But it gets better. Dust has a sidekick of sorts named Fidget, who is absolutely adorable!!!! She is a cat, with dragon wings!!!!!!!!!! In fact she is so cute here is a picture (NOTE: BECAUSE I COULDN'T FIND A REAL IMAGE OFF GOOGLE BECAUSE ALL OF THEM WERE FAN-MADE, ALL IMAGES OF FIDGET ARE FROM THE DUST: AN ELYSIAN TALE WIKI)

Fidget Sketch Flying Transparent

Seriously, folks. Who would not think Fidget is cute? She is like those adorable forest spirits in old fairy tales!!!! Oh, and she breaks the fourth wall (Fidget: "MASH THE BUTTONS!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!", "I hope that guy saved...", "You did save your progress... Right?" "Did you just put a sheep in your inventory?" "Press the Secret Fidget Button of Power to produce emotions so spectacularly awesome you didn't know they even existed!!!!"). Please note that these are just a handful of fourth wall breaks as she has like two hundred more (she is very talkative)

Fidget also claims to be afraid of heights. Despite the fact that she is constantly flying and never touches the ground. At all. Unless sitting in a dead tree counts, because during the world map screen she sometimes sits in the dead tree to the right of the screen, normally eating marshmallows (or sleeping).

Fidget eating marshmallows at the world map.

Oh I almost forgot. Fidget is the guardian of Dust's weapon of choice, a living sword named Ahrah. That talks. And is filled with wisdom. Wisdom of JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!! Wait... is "wisdom of JUSTICE" count as a English sentence? Because it sounds somewhat weird when you say out loud. But my point is the sword is wise. Like just as wise...as.....Gandalf the Grey/White (Gandalf becomes Gandalf the White after killing the Balrog, in case you are not into Lord of the Rings). Anyway, Dust has quite a few sword combos to use to slay the forces of evil. Here is a list

  1. From Whence you Came - A basic but reliable combo. Dust swings Ahrah twice, followed by a uppercut, and finally a overhead slash. Now is a good time to mention you can link any combo together to keep the hurt going on evil stuffs. So practice you can do a sort of infinite juggling.
  2. Ash Bound - This is my favorite. Dust opens with two sword swipes, but instead of uppercutting he does a sort of spin, and when he comes out of the spin he grabs his victims by the throat with his free hand and throws them.
  3. Rising Phoenix - Dust simply launches himself and his target straight up.
  4. The Fallen - While in midair, Dust slams Ahrah downwards, creating a cool shock-wave/push effect.
  5. The Undoing - While in Midair, Dust does three sword swipes, grabs his opponent with his free hand, and slams them straight down (NOTE: Doing this combo will make Dust go straight down as well).
  6. Dust Storm - This is the only combo that requires unlocking. Dust twirls his sword in his hand , creating a cyclone. Pressing what Fidget calls the "Secret Fidget Button of Power" will make her fire a projectile into the Dust Storm, and the Projectile comes out almost eight times as powerful.
  7. Aerial  Dust Storm - Another unlock-able move. Dust must perform this whilst airborne. He spins in a drill motion and lunges towards any and all enemies. Which is awesome. Keep in Mind that using this or the regular Dust Storm will make Dust take damage if you use for too long. 

When I said the last two moves where unlock-able, it does not mean you have to wait for a LEVEL UP to get them. Unlock-able abilities are "hidden" in the environment. Well actually they are easy to get. They are giant floating glowing shiny orbs of doom. So they are hard to miss. However the Dust Storm and Aerial Dust Storm are the only moves that are designed for battle as all other moves are designed for navigational purposes only (Sliding, Climbing, Double Jumping, Dashing, etc.)

Anyway, Christmas carols aside, More about the gameplay. Dust navigates levels in a traditional side-scrolling way. Oh, and the game has a VERY robust crafting system (for armors. And LOOT!!!!!!). Sadly Dust's new armor is never seen on his person. So I guess Dust wears the armor underneath his outfit which, spoiler alert!, happens to be the uniform of the soldiers working for the villain of the game, General Gaius, who is evil. Why? Because Gaius views these things called Moon-Bloods (the guy running the in-game shop happens to be a Moon-Blood) as a imperfection.. Hence he automatically becomes evil.

 Dust: An Elysian Tale is a beautiful, amazing game. As previously stated, this is a game worth your money. Only downfall is the fact that they are NOT porting the game to PS3 but it would look awesome on PS3 doubly so because of the amazing art style and very moving story (with dark moments, despite the cuteness).

For spoilers please go to the wiki (please note that the wiki tells you straight up when you are reading something containing spoilers). or play the game yourself. Oh I almost forgot!!!!! The voice acting in this game is SPECTACULAR!!!!! I know, I know, it's a small thing but you got to love it!!!!!

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