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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Funny Easter Eggs I found in some of my games (and more)!!!!

This blog post is a special one because this time I will be show some funny Easter Eggs I found in several video games!!!! For those who do not play video games (and you should!) an Easter Egg is is a secret the developers of said game put to mess with people. Sort of. NOTE: THESE EASTER EGGS ARE IN GAMES I PLAY AND GAMES I DO NOT HAVE BUT READ UP ON.


First I will look at some cool secrets I found when playing Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

1. The Energon Axe

As soon as I booted up Optimus Prime's level, Instead of walking to the porch thing with Optimus' gun on it I found a neat hallway and explored it. Optimus came across a hologram projector and a prompt showed up saying "Press Square to see an Old Friend". Obviously I push Square (I got the PS3 version) and Optimus' Battle Axe from the 80's cartoon (and the previous game) shows up!!!

2. Grimlock's Man-Cave

Shortly after Optimus meets up with Warpath, instead of heading straight for the Autobot Armory, I randomly stumbled upon a secret room. This room is the living quarters of Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots. Grimlock's sword is stashed in a surprisingly fancy display case. There is a locker on the opposite wall....Filled with the heads of the Decepticons!!!!!!!!!!! Not any important Decepticons mind you...Just the heads of random Decepticon soldiers. There is also a TV where Optimus Prime can relax and watch Decepticons do Jumping Jacks.

I couldn't find a picture of Grimlock's Man-Cave but if you Google "Transformers Fall of Cybertron Grimlock's Room" you should find a YouTube video of it.

3. All hail Starscream!!!!!!!

This is the hardest Easter Egg to find Ever.

During the level "Starscream's Betrayal", There is a random tower in the map. If you find the tower there is a crown sitting on a table. A prompt reading "Press Square to reclaim your glory" shows up. I pressed Square (again, since I love secrets) and Starscream put the crown on his head and the crown stays on Starscream's head for the rest of the level!!!!!!!!

Reclaim your glory, Starscream.

All hail Starscream!!!!!!!

4. Soundwave Superior....

This is a simple Easter Egg.

In Optimus' level, at one point there are two Lamp Posts. If you keep your gaze on the one on the left (with the bird on it)long enough, It will turn into Megatron's loyal second in command, Soundwave. Soundwave then says his iconic phrase: "Soundwave, Superior. Autobots, Inferior." and disappears.

Again, I could not find a image, but if you Google "Transformers Fall of Cybertron Soundwave Easter Egg", you might find a video.

And that is about it. For Transformers Fall of Cybertron I mean. I still have more secrets to share with other video games. Well those are the Easter Eggs I found. I think there is a Easter Egg or two that I missed but did not find myself.

Now I will show two (maybe three) secrets from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

1. The Fox

Keep in mind I do not play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare as I do not have a copy of the game. Or a Xbox One for that matter. I know these Easter Eggs because of the wiki.

If you are playing on a certain map as a Cactus (any version of the Cactus will do) There is a hard to see target that you can see by zooming in. Hit it with whatever projectile your Cactus uses And you will find some graffiti that reads "What does the Fox Say?", which is a nod to the popular song of the same name.

Again I couldn't find a screen shot showing the Easter Egg but Google Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare what does the Fox Say and I know for a fact the very first link is a YouTube Video showing the secret.

2. A nod to the best of the best.

At the same place as the secret above there is more graffiti that reads "AchievementHunters for Hire" which is a nod to the YouTube Channel/video series owned by AchievementHunters. That is the YouTube name. It even has there logo!!!

3. Cameos are Evil.

This is the weirdest Easter Egg in the history of weird Easter Eggs. In fact I strongly recommend that you stop reading right now and try and guess who makes a cameo in this game. In fact this cameo is so crazy I will voluntarily not post pictures of this Easter Egg. For the Children!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am assuming you paused to make your guess, so here it comes.











Surprise!!!!!! I won't spoil for the sake of censorship!!!!!!!!!! But if you do want to know, go to the trivia section on the Plants vs Zombies Wiki!!!!!!! I am censoring this Easter Egg because it contains something that will scare grown adults (let alone young children).

4. Ooooohhhhh, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

That's right. To balance out the absurdity of the scariest bad guy in history (find out who he is on the wiki!) being in a family friendly shoot'em'up, everyone's FAVORITE sponge is in this game. Sort of.

In the map Driftwood Shores, there is a sign that "Porus Bob's Scuba Gear and Neck Ties". "Porus da Seas" is a line in the Spongebob Squarepants theme song (hence Porus). Further more Spongebob lives at the ocean floor, hence scuba gear. And Spongebob, as a character, wears a neck tie almost constantly.

Animal Crossing New Leaf. Again I do not have this game, but I have a friend who played it and I read a lot on wikis.

1. Triforce of Wood!!!!!!!

In Animal Crossing you can grow and chop down trees to make room for construction. Sometimes when you chop down a tree the Triforce will be engraved on the stump that remains.

2. Wait a minute.....What!?!?!?!?!?

Sometimes a sailor shows up at your beach (you are the mayor, so you do own the place. Right?). He has mild amnesia but if you help him remember what he is supposed to be doing he will say "Wow! I've never seen someone help a total stranger since I met the natives of Ricco Harbor!!". Ricco Harbor is a stage in Super Mario Sunshine that was released almost ten years before this game.

Now we get the massively hidden Easter Eggs I found in my own games thanks to the wikis.

Disney Infinity has the best Easter Egg ever (despite being a pricey one).

1. A long time ago, in a Toy Box far, far away!

So if you have a ton of money on you and you buy the figure of EVERY single character and max out their power levels (It's over 9000!!!!!) and go to the Hall of Heroes and materialize every Statue, Something special appears in the center.

Oh yeah!!!!!

That's right, readers!!!!! Getting every character and maxing them out You get a Lightsaber from Star Wars!!!!! But wait it gets better!!!!

You can use the Lightsaber to kill robots and stuff!!!!! Yay for Smiting the forces of evil with the Lightsaber of JUSTICE!!!!!!

If you think this is a cool Easter Egg It GETS BETTER!!!!!

It's time to take a Journey, Readers!!!

1. The dream flower!!!

In Journey during the Desert Level you can stumble upon the Flower from, well, Flower!!!!

The yellow thing is the flower.

2. It's the thingy!!!!!

This is a slightly easier Easter Egg. In the Temple level, once you reach the top floor, do NOT exit but drop down to the beginning and on the second platform is the thing you play as in FLOw.

Those are the only Easter Eggs this game has to offer but both are a nod to THATGAMECOMPANY'S previous two games, Flower and FLOw.

Now for something more like trivia than Easter Egg.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

1. Why is he Humming?

Shortly before the final battle against Ghirahim (who is playable in Hyrule Warriors!) Ghirahim commences a ritual to revive Demise. While doing the ritual he hums the AWESOME music that plays when you fight Ghirahim. Just something funny I took note of when I was playing Legend of Zelda the other day.

I would post a picture of Ghirahim humming but you wouldn't be able to hear him unless it was a video. So look it up on YouTube!!!!!!!

Now for Comedy!!!!!!!

Octodad!!!! Nobody Suspects a Thing!!!!!!!

1. Sweet!!!!!!

While shopping at Gervason's for his family, Octodad can find a Minecraft themed stand with snacks!!!!

2. Super Meat Boy!!!!

You got to toss a red cube made of meat to a mincer to get a neck tie. This is a reference to Super Meat Boy.

3. Very doge, much Cute!!!!!

You can find a My little Pony doll while at Gervason's!!!!

4. What!?!?!

Okay now this is a small Easter Egg. Next to the Frozen Department (again, at Gervason's!) There is a machine with the words "Commander Video". Commander Video is a character from the Bit. Trip series.

There are HUNDREDS more Easter Eggs in this game but I cannot show all of them. So find them yourself or watch a video of someone else finding them.

Now here is something from Minecraft that can be seen as a really easy Easter Egg or a End Game Reward in Minecraft. This poem seems like a two sided conversation.

1. CONFUSING POEM!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. We got an epic but confusing poem that leaves you pondering about the whole thing. In fact I will put part of the poem right here on MY blog!!!!!


"I see the player you mean.

<insert player name>?

Yes. Take care. It has reached a higher level. It can read our thoughts.

That does not matter. It thinks we are part of this game.

I like this player. It played well. It did not give up.

It is reading our thoughts as though they were words on a screen.

That is how it chooses to imagine many things, when deep inside the dream of a game.

Words make a wonderful interface. Very flexible, yet less terrifying than staring at the cold reality behind the screen.

They used to hear voices. Back before Players could read. And those who did not play video games called them witches, and warlocks. And they dreamed of flying through the air on sticks powered by magic.

What did this player dream?

This player dreamed of Sunlight and Trees. Of Fire and Water. It dreamed it Created. It dreamed it destroyed. It dreamed it Hunted. And was hunted. It dreamed of a shelter...

Hah, the original interface. A million years old, yet it still works. But what true structure did this player create in the reality behind the screen?

It worked, with a million others, to sculpt a true world in a fold of the (random gibberish), and created a (random gibberish) for (random gibberish), in the (random gibberish).

It cannot read that thought.

No. It hasn't achieved the highest level. That must be achieved in the long dream of life, not the short dream of a game.

That is roughly one third of the poem and is the first part. For the rest head over to the Minecraft Wiki. To be ever so confused.

That is all the Easter Eggs I can think of at this moment. Stay tuned for a sequel!!!!!!

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