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Monday, July 28, 2014

Space Engineers!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a post about a really cool physics based game called Space Engineers!!! As you can tell by the title, this game takes place in outer space. Hence the almost complete lack of gravity. Literally. The only form of gravity is produced by artificial gravity generators your character, who is wearing a 80's style space suit, has to build from scratch.


This game is a lot like Minecraft (if you know nothing about it read my previous post). First of all, both games have a Creative mode (where you are invincible and can build anything that pops in your head), and a Survival Mode (where you can actually die. For the hardcore players!). Plus, both games encourage creativity. Unlike Minecraft, there is no gravity except the aforementioned gravity generators, Everything looks surprisingly realistic, your character is in a space suit (the color of which is completely random), and finally you can have vehicles that do things for you (mining, building, blowing things up, etc). Oh, and there is physics based destruction. So exhaust flames can melt metal, ramming a enemy in spaceship combat is the worst thing to do in the game, And you can float upside down.

Another difference between Minecraft and Space Engineers is that in Space Engineers there is NOT a hunger bar. In Minecraft's version of Survival you have a Hunger bar (which is actually a row of chicken legs) And You must eat on a regular basis because when the Hunger Bar is empty you will take damage constantly. However, if the Hunger Bar is full, lost Health will regenerate.

Replacing the Hunger Bar in Space Engineers is a Energy Gauge. The Energy Gauge powers your character's space suit's life support systems. When it is empty, you pretty much die instantly. The Energy Gauge requires manual recharge at your spaceship's (assuming you have one) medical bay.

There is mining in this game. You need a hand drill
to mine though.

Another cool thing about Space Engineers is the ability to choose a starting scenario in Survival. Here is a list.

  1. Easy Start - The game automatically gives you a massive space ship that is big enough to store other spaceships AND a medium sized platform connected to a slightly large asteroid.
  2. Easy Start - The game gives you an entire space station/city/complex/base (whatever you want to call it), that is much larger than the spaceship given in Easy Start 1. And a entire fleet of large Spaceships and countless small vehicles.
  3. Asteroids - Asteroids as far as the eye can see!!! This scenario gives you a very small ship doesn't have much purpose beyond providing transport.
  4. Platform for Two - This scenario is designed to be played with a friend. This is a Player vs Player scenario.
  5. Lone Survival - You start in a spooky, abandoned space station with no vehicles whatsoever. For those looking for a creepy vibe.
  6. Crashed Ship - The one spaceship you have is completely wrecked, effectively stranding you on a asteroid (you can tell by now there are tons of Asteroids).
  7. Empty World - There is nothing in Empty World, providing a ton of building space for whatever you want in Creative. This is a Creative Only scenario.

Those are the scenarios.

There is co-op in this game....and Player vs Player.

Oh and if you are playing with a friend (ignore this if you are into Player vs Player) keep in mind that two tools, the Grinder (a buzz saw. For removing unwanted spaceship parts) and the Welder (a tool for building spaceship parts) can both kill other players with a single press of the button. However, using either of these tools will double the rate at removing (Grinder) or building (Welder).

This is a PC game, as far as I know, but Minecraft started out as a PC game but then got ported to X-Box 360 and the PS3.

For more info please go to the official website.


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