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Monday, July 21, 2014

Minecraft Time!!!!!

This post is about Minecraft (which has been around forever but I didn't get it until just a few weeks ago)!!!!


Minecraft is simple but fun at the same time. Basically you play as a.......thing.......I am not sure what you would call it. The default name of your character is Steve. This name only applies if your character has the default costume/skin.

Anyway, in Minecraft you go mining. And craft incredible stuff to build/fight with. Swords, Bows, Pickaxes, Shovels, and Potions are examples of gear your character, which for the purpose of this blog will be referred to as Steve, can have on his person. I will assume all "Steves" in Minecraft are male.


Minecraft also has mods. Mods add extra content to Minecraft or other games. Minecraft has THOUSANDS of mods for it. One of my favorite mods (I prefer previewing mods before actually using them myself) lets you raise a pet dragon. Which is cool in itself but even better is once the dragon reaches maximum size you can make a saddle, put it on the dragon and fly around the Minecraft world(s).

Something I would like to point out is that everything in this game is made of cute cubes. Including the final boss, the EnderDragon.


Anyway, something I would like to point out is that people think that a evil doppelganger of Steve is in the game. This "Evil Steve" has been named Herobrine by the public. Herobrine does not come with Minecraft and can only be encountered if you are playing a special mod. Anyone trying to tell you Herobrine is in Main Minecraft is most likely trying to prank you.

Another thing about this games is although this game is 100% family friendly, the enemies in the game have a tendency to show up suddenly out of nowhere. I should list several enemies you can fight in the game.


These guys are very annoying in the main Survival mode of Minecraft, but are less annoying in Creative Mode (99.99% of the time I am in Creative Mode). Basically they follow you around and blow themselves up. They literally explode when you go near them. They can drop Gun Powder upon being defeated.


This is by far the most creepy enemy. In the GAME. They teleport and come to a complete stop when you look at them. Thus they remind me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Only Weeping Angels are a thousand times more scary than the EnderMen. Oh and EnderMen speak backwards. Something that the official Minecraft Wiki noted in their Trivia section. Because every time you hit a EnderMan it makes a weird sound which is actually common words played backwards and greatly distorted ("Hello", "What's Up", etc).

And the final enemy I will describe in great detail is everyone's favorite undead monster. The Zombie. Speaking of which, why do people like Zombies? Aside from the fact that they are reanimated dead walking about I don't see why people like them so much. I personally like Dragons more than Zombies, because a lone Dragon literally radiates power. Zombies don't radiate power.


Zombies are interesting in the sense that in addition to targeting the player, they have a tendency to attack the NPC Merchants and Farmers you can encounter in Minecraft. If these villagers are indoors, Zombies will try to break the door down. Even though they can only do it if the game is on Hard Mode. Even then they can only break the door if it is made of wood. Considering it takes them several long minutes to break a wooden door, the Villagers are better off replacing their wooden doors with Iron ones. However, Iron Doors need a nearby lever or button to open as they lack doorknobs. They have a alternate, sword swinging variation in an alternate dimension in the game called the Nether. These variations are Zombie Pig-men which, in my opinion, are much cooler than standard Zombies.

Another thing about Minecraft is several people say the game has educational value, but Minecraft was not intended for official education. This game, especially in Creative Mode, does encourage creativity. After all, building things, like epic castles and stuff of that ilk is the primary focus of Minecraft.

NOTE: I found all of these images on Google.

For more info please go to the Minecraft Wiki. For info on mods please find a website with info on mods.

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