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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Falcon Punch!!!!!!!!!!!! More Super Smash Bros!!!!!!!

The New Super Smash Bros games are almost out and they unveiled three new characters to play as. The First is Captain Falcon!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Falcon!!!

Yes, Captain Falcon's back!!!! And if you know who he is expect several players to only use Captain Falcon thanks to his, you guessed it, FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the other two characters are not as infamous as everyone's favorite racer/bounty hunter for hire. Both of them are from Fire Emblem, which is a very successful franchise that is more often than not has something to do with the Real Time Strategy (R.T.S., for short) genre.

The first character is Lucina. Considering Marth (also from Fire Emblem) is playable, I am not sure how they are in the same place at the same time, because Marth is Lucina's ancestor. Then again, she does travel backwards in time to stop a evil dragon (In Awakening). SPOILER ALERT.


The second character is really cool and one I will look forward to playing as. Robin!!!!!
Robin is the default name and main hero (or heroine. You choose Robin's gender at the start of Awakening) of Fire Emblem: Awakening, the newest game in the franchise.

Robin (both genders)!!!!!

Robin is unique in the sense that he has swordsmen characteristics (hence the Lightning bolt shaped swords seen above) And also has magical powers (hence the book, also seen above). As seen in his/her trailer, Robin's magic is limited and must discard the book he is carrying and fight using only his sword. Obviously, he is more powerful WITH magic. Here is a interesting fact. In the trailer, whenever Robin used magic, the book he carries changes color to match the color of the magic being used (red for fire, yellow for thunder, etc.).

But sadly, it appears Mewtwo will not be playable. Why? Because there are no more available slots. Mewtwo will be lucky to appear in the game at all, let alone be like some kind of late entry. If Mewtwo was in the game, chances are he will be an Assist Trophy. I doubt Nintendo would make Mewtwo a Pokeball Summon as that would cause Pokemon fans to riot. If they did, however, it's Nintendo's choice so we have to deal with it.

Oh, and Lucina's father Chrom makes a cameo, as part of Robin's Finishing Move/Final Smash. Where Chrom launches the victim up in the air and Robin launches a stream of projectiles while Chrom unleashes a barrage of sword swipes.

Oh, and one last thing. Rayman is the game.......as a trophy. Which makes sense because the concept of Super Smash Bros is a free for all brawl with Nintendo's finest, so they would have to keep third party characters to a minimum. There is already three Third Party characters: Mega Man (made by Capcom), Sonic the Hedgehog (made by Sega), and finally, Namco's own Pac-Man. And for retro fans, Pac-Man switches to and from his current design and his 8-bit sprite from the classic arcade game mid battle.

One Last, last thing. As much as I love playing as dragons, Ridley from Metroid is not playable. Ridley is a dragon, and a pirate. IN SPACE!!!!!!! Anyway, Ridley has been confirmed as a stage hazard for a certain Metroid themed arena. Besides, they couldn't make him playable anyway, Ridley is simply too big (being roughly the same size as Giga Bowser from the previous Smash bros).

So you have to roll with Charizard, who is one of my favorite Pokemon....of all time. My other favorites being Mewtwo (for obvious reasons), Pikachu (who doesn't love a cuddly mouse that zaps things?), Lucario (for being a generally powerful Pokemon), Zoroark (think werewolf with really big ponytail!), Tyrantrum (You got to love dinosaurs!!) and finally Greninja (Can't beat a half frog half ninja thing!!!!). Speaking of Which, Greninja and Lucario are both playable. Which is awesome. Also, Lucario and Charizard both can transform into their respective Mega Forms, but only for a couple minutes. As part of their Finishing Moves.

To watch the Robin and Lucina Trailer please go to the official website. NOTE: THESE IMAGES ARE FROM SUPER SMASH BROS WIKI.

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