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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disney Infinity 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

You remember that Skylanders meets Disney mash-up we had a few years ago? They are coming out with a sequel.


First this is a list of changes.

  1. They got rid of that spinner roulette thing you needed to unlock stuff. Why? Because it was too random and nobody (especially me) was getting the tool/vehicle/object they wanted. Now the "toys" unlock automatically. By automatically I mean they give you 200 toys for free at the start and if the game detects a save file for the original another 200 is unlocked automatically.
  2. Size-Changing Goo is no longer available due to negative feedback. Which is a shame because the Goo was my favorite part.
  3. The Level Up system is actually important. There are upgrades, C-C-C-C-COMBOS!!! And special moves. All of which make the game a hundred times better because the first Disney Infinity's "Level Up" was completely cosmetic and served no purpose beyond giving spinner chances (Curse you SPINNER!)
  4. Some Characters can fly without the need of special tools.
  5. Characters from Marvel are now playable. That's right. Disney and Marvel!!!!!!! Together forever!!!!!! Solving crimes and making up rhymes!!!!!!! I dare anyone to understand what TV show I am referencing right now.
  6. You can now go indoors. It's a small thing but you will grow to love it.

Now here are a list of playable characters. NOTE: four of the characters are returning characters and the other two are brand new. Also none of the pictured characters are included and are sold separately. 


Disney's Mascot is ready for action. He's even dressed as a wizard!!!! Wizards, people!!!!!! Anyway, true to his appearance in Fantasia he can summon broomsticks that fight for him. And he is a mouse. Mice are adorable. At least I think so. Do YOU think Mice are adorable? It's all a matter of PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!


Honestly my favorite out of the Classic characters. Jack is the main hero of Nightmare Before Christmas, a Tim Burton stop-motion film about a skeleton bringing Halloween every year, then revealing - in song - how bored he is of Halloween and tries taking over Christmas (this film is part musical). This is one of the best films I have ever seen (I watched it a thousand times). Anyway, Jack can throw Pumpkin Bombs and can also use a sonic shriek-type attack.


Elsa is from the movie Frozen and that movie was very good actually. One of the best films Disney ever made. In the movie, Elsa is one of two princesses (Disney makes lots of princess movies in their spare time). The other is Anna who is also playable. But anyway, Elsa has insane ice/snow/weather powers (summoning blizzards, creating ice spikes, casting everlasting winter, all of which she can use in Disney Infinity) but lacked self control. For Anna's safety the two princess sisters seldom see each other. She was SUPPOSED TO become queen of....I think the place was called Arendale, but I do not know. But when Anna met and accepted the proposal of Hans (spoiler alert! He's a jerk!) Elsa basically froze everything. I cannot tell the rest of the story save for the hilarious snowman Olaf. Anyway the fact she is playable is cool (pun intended) because you don't see characters wielding crazy ice powers of JUSTICE and smacking robots in Toy Box Mode.

Randall is a major villain from Monsters Inc and it's Prequel, Monsters University. He is the character I use most, besides Captain Jack Sparrow, who is included in the starter pack, along with the actual game. His Invisibility powers make him a bit Over Powered because enemies and bosses cannot see him when invisible. Also when skydiving with the glider from the Incredibles level he looks like a epic, kick-butt dragon that is going to eat your face off. Not really but it still looks amazing.

Now come some newcomers.


Not sure how Disney managed to get the Spider-Man license (or the license to make Marvel stuff in general) but here we are. You can play as Spider-Man in Disney Infinity!!!! Web swinging, Web slinging, climbing up walls, epic Web weapons, and More!!!!!!! He even comes with a whole Play Set (a Play set is a in-game level by the way). Oh and every single member of the Avengers plus the Guardians of the Galaxy are playable too. Some of them can come to the Spider-Man play-set.

This picture contains other new characters. Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, Maleficent, and Merida from Brave. Anyway, Stitch is playable which is a dream come true for me because I loved Lilo & Stitch as a kid and I still do. Stitch has all of his iconic abilities (extra arms, blasters, etc)

And that is about it. I wanted to list another character but couldn't decide on who. Anyway, that is all for this post.

(PS: I created this post as a draft two weeks before official release and completely forgot about it. Whoops)

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