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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ni no Kuni tips and tricks (for beginners)!!!!! Part 1

This post is my second Ni no Kuni post, but it is a guide/tutorial/walk-through/tips and tricks kind of thing. And this guide only teaches you about The First Five bosses (because the game is long-ish) and how to build a decent end-game team of Familiars. Also I have forgotten some bits of the story here and there so I apologize if I leave anything out. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE EITHER FOUND ON GOOGLE.

This post may contain spoilers. Don't throw away hours of epic playtime just because YOU wanted to know the ending (which is epic).

Okay now for those of you that don't know what Ni no Kuni is it is basically Studio Ghibli's masterpiece of a video game. Studio Ghibli is famous for making really good movies (Spirited Away, Ponyo, etc) but this is the first time they helped make a video game. The story? Well basically you play as Oliver, a young well mannered 12-ish year old boy whose mother died of a heart attack. So sad!!!!!!!! Anyway, while crying for his mother, Oliver's tears bring his favorite doll to life (meet Mr. Drippy!). Mr. Drippy says that he is from a alternate dimension in which everyone from the real world has a counterpart or "soul mate" in the Other World. As luck would have it, Oliver's mother's soul mate is a wizard named Alicia (Oliver's mother is also named Alicia) that has been trapped in a crystal called the Soul-snare by a evil wizard named Shadar (spoiler alert! Shadar is actually Oliver's soul mate!).

Oliver, thinking that by releasing Alicia (wizard) from the Soul-Snare will bring his mother back, heads off into a grand adventure.

Now the guide really begins. After a few tutorials on how to play the game, Oliver begins to become a wizard himself (it's nice to see the main hero is NOT a tank or a damage-per-second like in most RPG's). Soon enough he gains the power to summon Familiars (called ImaJins in the Japanese version). Familiars are little pet/minion dudes that you can control. Word of advice, don't use Oliver himself once you get a Familiar because Oliver has REALLY low hp and defense at the start so Use the default familiar a lot (it's called a Mite.)


The first boss of the game is Guardian of the Woods who is fought when Oliver and Mr. Drippy visit Old Father Oak to learn how to fix broken hearts (Shadar has been stealing emotions from humans, causing them to act bizarre. The victims are often called "heartbroken" or sometimes "brokenhearted"). The Guardian has gone berserk when Shadar started breaking hearts .

Here is my guide.

  1. He is a fairly easy boss. The only advice I have is to just send out your Mite familiar and spam the attack button, healing when necessary (at this point Oliver can heal himself. The Familiars HP will match Oliver's, by the way.). And don't forget to use Mite's special ability: Cut Loose, where Mite slashes randomly hitting every enemy (or boss) on screen. All Mites carry daggers and shields by the way.
  2. Don't forget to block his Windfall attack. It's crazy deadly at this point in the game.
  3. The Guardian of the Woods, like all bosses, will sometimes drop a Gold Glim that enables Oliver or the Mite (by the way you can name him) to use a super attack.

After defeating the Guardian, he returns to normal, and drops a spirit orb thing. It will become very important in the future.

After getting into the first city, Ding Dong Dell, the citizens mock Oliver's outfit as being strange. So Mr. Drippy takes Oliver to the Hootique, a store selling provisions, clothes, and snacks for your Familiars (Familiars live off of chocolate, pie, cake, bonbons, flans, bananas, and ice cream. All of which makes them more powerful but is a very questionable diet). Anyway, the Hootique staff gives Oliver a outfit for free but tells Oliver he has to wait at least one day because the staff must re size the outfit. After staying the night at the local hotel, Oliver gets a Middle-Ages themed outfit. Oliver is now ready to visit the ruler of Ding Dong Dell. A giant cat named King Tom (the XIV) who has lost all enthusiasm for his kingdom. Because Shadar stole it all. At this point Oliver can borrow emotion from someone feeling too much of said emotion and refills King Tom's enthusiasm.

 King Tom promises to give Oliver a wand (up until now Oliver was using a wooden stick to use magic) but quickly goes missing. Drippy and Oliver find Tom's soul-mate, a cat named Timmy Toldrum. Timmy has been chasing mice (despite the fact that he is too old to do so) and King Tom has been fighting his arch-nemesis, King Hickory Dock the Mouse.

Hickory is the second boss so here is my guide
  1. My advice is to repeat the Guardian of the Woods strategy because Hickory is slightly tougher but the same tricks work.
  2. Block his Tailwind attack because unless you did some grinding in Ding Dong Well (the lair of Hickory) in advance it is a instant kill.
  3. Take advantage of the Dumbelemur Familiar the kid guarding Ding Dong Well gave you ahead of time.


I can't remember what happens past that point but do remember that Drippy said something about going to Al Mamoon to see one of the Sages (really strong wizards). To do that you need to go through Golden Grove and you get yet another Familiar but I forgot what it was called. Oh yeah! It was called Seed Sprite. Now Seed Sprite is not a good choice for combat because it has literally no defense whatsoever. That is why you need Evade. Evade guarantees you won't take ANY damage at all if you time it right. Personally I never click the Evade button ever. I clicked it once out of the entire game which was during a later boss.

Speaking of bosses, you have to fight the Guardian of Golden Grove to get to the other side.


This is the first hard boss of the game. Here are some tricks
  1. Gladiataur as he is called can absolutely wreck you if you aren't careful. Block his attacks and try to use long range attacks (Cut Loose, Pebble Pelt etc).
  2. When his health is halfway down, he throws away his weapons and gains the ram attack (forgot what it's called).
  3. Drippy actually helps the player in this fight. He throws Gladiataur's shield at him, stunning him briefly. How he could lift it is beyond me.
  4. Heal often

I completely forgot everything past that save the Great Sage in Al Mamoon refuses to teach Oliver more magics. So Oliver returns to the real world to fix The Great Sage's soul-mate's heart (Shadar can break hearts in both worlds). After that I forgot what happens save that at some point The Great Sage takes Oliver and a girl named Esther (she is the Great Sage's daughter) to his sensei, the Supreme Sage (spoiler alert! He hosts a mini-game where you have to battle optional bosses one after the other). Why? Because Oliver needs to know how to get his Familiars to their full potential. Oh and Esther has a Familiar, the penguin-in-a-wizard-costume Familiar that is Drongo (the default name is Go-go)

Anyway The Supreme Sage has set some puzzles for you in advance, one of which is a boss battle that is so easy you don't need a real strategy to beat it. Even though the boss is a epic six armed robot thing. The puzzles are simple once you realize what you are doing but LOOK tough.

Afterwards you learn how to catch (or tame as it is called) wild Familiars as well as how to make low tier Familiars become stronger through Morphing. Here I will put a guide to make a decent mid game team.

  1. Keep your Mite.
  2. Get a Bone Head (they are the skeleton dudes roaming around the desert regions)
  3. Maybe a Little Bighorn from the upcoming dungeon.
  4. Keep Go-Go (because he casts some decent magic spells)
  5. Maybe a Rhinosaur 
  6. One of the three Familiars the Supreme Sage gives you (your choice. I recommend the Boggly-Boo Familiar because when it is fully Morphed it can learn instant kill moves Like Final Curtain or Evil Embrace as well as electrical attacks like Thunder-Storm.).

And the final part of this guide is on the Old Smoky Dungeon. Oliver and friends have to stop a nearby volcano from exploding and around the time you are halfway up the mountain Mr. Drippy says that you have only THREE minutes to stop the eruption. Once you get to the top however, Drippy reveals that he lied so that Oliver and Esther would rush up the mountain. I forgot to mention that Mr. Drippy speaks with a Welsh/Scottish accent.

But when you get to the very top Oliver comes face to face with Shadar (this whole time Shadar and the White Witch have been discussing how to destroy Oliver, because he alone can ruin their plan to create a new world by destroying the old one. By this time they decided on sending the Guardian of the Volcano to do it for them). Shadar summons the Guardian of the Volcano, Moltaan, to fight Oliver and friends.


Moltaan is a decently powerful boss. Here are the tricks I like using when fighting him.
  1. Always use Oliver's Frostbite Spell. It's SUPER EFFECTIVE against him (Pokemon reference!)
  2. Always block when he uses Volcanic Roar and Tail Flail. You can avoid his third special, Blazing Breath, simply by running out of the way.
  3. Heal Often or stock up on Healing Items.
  4. Ignore Esther at this point because unless you grind for XP ahead of time she is too under-leveled to help at all.
  5. Only use regular attacks if you run out of magic.

Stay tuned to PART 2 of my Ni no Kuni Guide. I am doing this guide in parts because the game is very long and doing it in one post would take ages.

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