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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dragon Ball Xenoverse!!!

This post is about a game I bought a couple days ago (at the time of this post) called Dragon Ball Xenoverse. If you could not tell it's based off of the critically acclaimed anime/manga franchise Dragon Ball Z.

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse logo

Now before we get to this game I did my research (plus I actually watch the anime) so there are a few things you need to know in the event you have never heard of dragon ball z.

First, the series has the titular "dragon balls" which are orange round spheres that, when you collect all seven, summons a dragon that will grant whoever summoned him a wish as a reward for their efforts. The dragon, named Shenron, will grant any wish as long as it does not make you stronger than Shenron or the person who created him. So no, you can't wish to become a wish granting dragon. Though that would be awesome.

Second, the series has LOTS of aliens in it. Even the main hero of Dragon Ball Z is an alien. That looks like a human.

Third, this series is of Japanese origin. Hence, the opening theme song in this game is in Japanese. It's not my fault you can't understand it if you don't know Japanese.

And finally, 90% of the major characters are stronger than Super-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and just about every superhero you can think of. Just look at the character Frieza. He blew up an entire planet just by pointing his finger at it.


The Story of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is basically, super far into the future a character every dragon ball fan loves (a half human half alien swordsman named Trunks) uses the dragon balls to wish for a warrior to protect time itself because a a duo of time travelers are messing up Dragon Ball Z. And making villains stronger than they should be. Like this.

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse Screenshot
Need I say anymore?

And when Trunks makes his wish, Shenron gives him your character. You create your own character by the way. So all you D.B.Z. fans out there can finally live out those fan-fictions of a Saiyan version  of yourself fighting alongside characters such as Goku (he's the guy glowing red in the picture above) and Piccolo.

The story is a unique change in Dragon Ball Z video games, because previous Dragon Ball video games were just a shame-less rehash of the anime. The anime is good and all, but still.

Now for game-play. Like I said, you create a character that can be from one of five races: Earthling (the Dragon Ball version of humans), Namekians (tall green dudes with stretchy arms), Majins (Giant Kirby-esque creatures that are adorable and hilarious), Saiyans (visually identical to humans, but with superpowers) and the Frieza Clan (lizard/dinosaur people with magic). Furthermore you can choose gender with the Majins, Saiyans, and Earthlings.

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse screenshot
Example of a player created character.

As Dragon Ball Z is a fighting manga/anime series, there is a LOT of fighting in this game. Basically your character moves around in full destructible environments. You have light attacks that are fast, but don't do that much damage, and strong attacks, which can be charged up for stronger blows.

You also have a projectile, though what it does will depend on your character's race (EXAMPLE: Saiyans can rapid fire homing shots, while the Frieza Clan shoot a single slow moving energy ball that freeze foes in place).

Also, all five races can fly. How do they fly? I don't know. Ask Bandai Namco! But that means that the all fights allow for 360 degree movement at almost ANY angle. Which is really cool.

Another thing to note is your character can have four "Super" attacks equipped. Super attacks are stronger than regular melee attacks but consume a little energy gauge directly below your health bar. Then there are ULTIMATE attacks. Basically Ultimate attacks are screen nukes. Some of the really good ones (i.e. Death Bomb, Special Beam Cannon, etc.) are almost guaranteed instant-kill moves, but only if they connect.

And when your not fighting you can explore a town with a hilarious name (Tokitoki City). And you can gather the seven dragon balls and summon this guy...

Image result for dragon ball xenoverse screenshot

You can even have Shenron grant you a wish and there are some really good wishes like getting a stupidly overpowered Ultimate Attack, or a instant Level Up (your character levels up as you play the game. The higher the level the stronger your character).

for more info please go to the wiki.

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