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Thursday, March 26, 2015


This post is about one of my favorite childhood movies: Jurassic Park!!! Even though when I was a kid I ignored pretty much all the story scenes because I just watched the scenes that had dinosaurs in them. But now I actually care about the story because

Image result for jurassic world logo
The logo of the newest movie in the series:
Jurassic World!

For those of you who somehow not seen Jurassic Park (and if you have not already watched it, so watch it. RIGHT NOW. Stop reading this blog post and go watch it yourself. It's that good!), basically it's about a very rich man named John Hammond opening a theme park called Jurassic Park on a Central American island (known as Isla Nublar) Jurassic Park has LIVE dinosaurs and how they did that is not only believable but also possible in real life (to a limited extent).

This is how they created the dinosaurs. They (the scientists) extracted DNA from fossilized mosquitoes and used the DNA samples to clone dinosaurs (in the event there wasn't enough DNA to clone a specimen frog DNA is used to fill in the gaps of the specimens genetic code). This is actually possible in real life. Even though creating dinosaurs is not probable with our current technology.

Anyway, after one of the park staff is murdered (and eaten) by a Velociraptor (which for some reason are twice their actual size), John Hammond calls paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (who is the best character in the whole movie) and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler to inspect if the park is safe for tourists. Later on a man named Dennis Nedry (who was bribed by Hammond's competitors to steal some dinosaur embryos) shuts off the security system for the entire park and the dinosaurs run amok.

Their is also a sequel (Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World), and a third entry (Jurassic Park 3). The summary of Jurassic Park 1 is just to give you an idea of Jurassic Park as a series.

BUT their coming out with a new movie: JURASSIC WORLD!!! This is the first entry where Jurassic Park (theme park) finally fulfills it's intended purpose and is a functional theme park! And some interesting to me is that the "big bad" dinosaur (which according to leaked screen-shots is called the Indominus Rex which when translated from Latin means "Untamable King") is not a real dinosaur but a fictional hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ceratosaurus, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, and for some incredibly strange reason, cuddle-fish (I'm not sure why they put Cuddle-Fish DNA in a Super dinosaur, maybe they ran out of frogs? I legitimately question why the I. Rex is part cuddle-fish).

Image result for Jurassic world Indominus rex
I. Rex!!!

Also a thing I want to mention is the fact that Chris Pratt is going to play a character in this movie (he was perfect in Guardians of the Galaxy as the rogue-like thief Star-Lord and he also played the bumbling but lovable Emmett from the LEGO movie). In this movie Pratt is playing a character named Owen who LOOKS like a mercenary even though he's supposedly not.

Another interesting thing is that the I. Rex is extremely intelligent (Owen even said that the I. Rex is killing everyone for blood-sport). What I'm hoping is that the I. Rex, seeing how it's supposed to be the villain, sabotages the park's systems and thousands of people are trapped on a island with a maniac of a dinosaur on the loose.

For more info on Jurassic Park 4/Jurassic World please go to the official website. For more info on the first three films go watch them yourself or read on Wikipedia.

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