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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I have found something that intrigued me. A family friendly Third Person Shooter made by Nintendo. The family friendly part makes sense because it's Nintendo making it, but keep in mind it's a T.P.S. as well. Plus it looks cool so I decided to blog about it.

Image result for splatoon logo

Anyway, Splatoon is a brand new I.P. from Nintendo (the first new I.P. since Pikmin), which is always lovely. It's also Nintendo's own shooter.

The concept of Splatoon and is that there are a bunch of shape-changing squids called Inklings, who have a complete arsenal of ink-shooting weapons. Unlike 9001% (over 9000!!!) of shooters, Splatoon has a different way to win matches.

Image result for splatoon screenshots
Game-play of a group of Inklings in a Shoot-out.

While you CAN still shoot the snot out of foes, that's not how you would want to win. To win a match of Splatoon, your team (which can be lime green, purple, blue, orange, pink, etc) must paint the entire map with your color.

Plus there are TONS of weapons to wipe out opponents. Which Include a giant paint roller that is a strictly melee weapon but you can one-shot people with it. Then there is a Inky Sniper Rifle (the one I will probably get because I always go sniper rifle) that has a laser sight to help you aim. And another cool weapon is the Ink-Zooka which is as kick-butt awesome as the name implies (it shoots a inky bomb of destruction on top of your foes' faces!)

Image result for splatoon inkling

Oh and the Inklings can transform into squids. That look like brightly colored Bloopers. Anyway, as a squid Inklings are invisible to the enemy team (provided they are inside their own ink/paint) and you can sneak attack.

Image result for splatoon inkling
Another Inkling!!!

And finally there is a single player campaign. In it your Inkling must stop an evil army of Octopus. Yes. An Octo-Army. Who have a sweet underground base.

Something that is funny is that people want Nintendo to make the Inklings playable in Super Smash Bros 4. Splatoon isn't even out yet and apparently there's already a strong fan base backing these little squids up. Especially after Nintendo opened up the Smash Bros Ballot where you can literally vote for any video game character that you want to see in Smash Bros and Nintendo will make those characters playable in the form of DLC. It's truly amazing how these cute little squid dudes got so popular before their game even came out.

Anyway Splatoon is coming out this May so look forward to it!

For more info go to the Splatoon Wiki.

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