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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


THERE IS A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE COMING OUT!!!! I feel so much better having typed that in all caps.

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Now I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Ever since I was little. I literally don't remember a time where I did not like/know what Star Wars is.

Speaking of Star Wars, Disney Infinity 3 will make Star Wars characters playable. Because Disney owns Star Wars.

But back to Star Wars Episode 7! First of all (and I will assume you know what I'm talking about), Luke Skywalker, Han Solo (plus Chewbacca!), and Princess Leia will return. Which is a plus in my book!

Second of All, the new Sith Lord (have no idea what his name is) has a revamped Lightsaber. How is it revamped? It has a cross guard.

Image result for Star wars episode 7 sith
Sith Lord!

And while on the topic of his Lightsaber, there is so much controversy over it. Some people thinks it's cool, Some people think it's silly. I personally like it for two reasons. First and foremost is that it solves the number one problem with Lightsaber fight scenes is that you can just slide your blade down the the other Lightsaber's blade and chop off his hand relatively easily. But thanks to that cross guard you can't really lock blades with this dude. Plus, the main blade on that Lightsaber is like 10 times longer than a normal Lightsaber. But like I said, there will always be haters.

The second reason is I always like a variant of a well known weapon (that same logic applies to bosses). Sure we got Darth Maul's duel-bladed Lightsaber designed to look like a bo staff, but I like Lightsabers better when they go with the sword motif. And yes I am fully aware that Episode 1 was not the greatest of Star Wars movies.

Anyway, something also worth mentioning is that the Millennium Falcon is also returning. Easter egg in the teaser trailer! In the original trilogy the Millennium Falcon had a circular satellite dish on the roof. If you watched Episode 6 you would know that very late into the movie this same dish was knocked off.

 Image result for star wars episode 7 millennium falcon
The Falcon!!!

If you looked closely you can see that a rectangular dish is taking the original dish's place. CONTINUITY!!!!

Now something important to note is Star Wars Episode 7 takes place a VERY long time after Episode 6. Thus the returning characters are much older. And as is the case in every big movie franchise, new characters show up. The day before I wrote this I got a magazine featuring a interview with the actors/actresses in the movie. I won't spoil the background of any of the new characters in the event their origins happen to play a key role. If you want you can go do the research yourself if you want spoilers. But if you want spoilers, then you are crazy. Seriously, why do people watch spoilers for movies?

Ignoring spoilers the most important thing to know is that Disney are the ones making this movie. Because Disney owns everything! Seriously. They do.

There are currently two trailers on the Internet for this movie. In the event you are reading this blog post in the distant future when the movie is already out then ignore this entire sentence. Also leave a comment on your opinion of the movie when it comes out!

That is literally everything I know about Star Wars 7 and for once I don't have any websites you can go to for more information. But on the plus side this movie is coming out December 18 2015. And as before this part of the post is completely irrelevant if you are reading this after the movie comes out. But it's still worth a read!

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