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Thursday, May 21, 2015


This post is about a upcoming game not coming in 2015 but 2016!! And the moment I found out about I knew I had to spread the word about it so yeah!

Image result for monster hunter stories 

I am excited to know we'll be getting yet another Monster Hunter game. I love Monster Hunter. It's one of my favorite franchises! Speaking of which, every time I do a Monster Hunter related post I get an insane amount of support so thanks guys!

This game is called Monster Hunter Stories (in case you can't tell by the title). But a fair warning. This is a spin-off game in case the cutesy art style didn't give it away.

Image result for monster hunter tigrex 
This is what the flying wyvern
Tigrex normally looks like.

Image result for monster hunter stories tigrex 
This is what Tigrex looks like in Monster Hunter

No major changes to the design, but just more stylish. The colors are a lot brighter now. At least they pulled Tigrex's roar straight out of the main series and kept it intact. If you don't know what Tigrex's roar sounds like, just watch the trailer for Monster Hunter Stories (it's on YouTube).

On another note...

Image result for monster hunter rathalos 
The mascot of Monster Hunter (a.k.a. Rathalos)
will play a special role in your hunts...!

BUT, the biggest thing in this game that really caught my eye was this...

Image result for monster hunter stories rathalos 
You can ride a Rathalos into battle!

Now being able to ride a monster into battle is a concept that is not only cool, but it opens up almost limitless possibilities for combat and navigation. Even though the Stories' Rathalos pictured is way to small to be fully grown. Here's hoping that this little guy can grow bigger and maybe that incorporates into his stats or something? Or maybe he can grow up and become a Azure/Silver Rathalos!!! I don't know! I just want to ride a dragon into battle!!! It would be beautiful!!! Seriously, imagine if you can ride a dragon into battle. Think about it... THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!!!! But there is only one thing that would be more epic than riding a Rathalos into battle....

Image result for alatreon 
If Alatreon was in Stories, that would be amazing.
Unless he was a boss in Stories, then you get your
booty smacked around like a rag-doll.

Then again if he was a ride-able monster he would probably be a end/post-game monster with insane stats/abilities (Super Fire Tornado + Thunder Explosion + Icicle Rain + Dragon Rush anyone?). Still it would be cool to ride this guy into battle. 

But ignoring the awesomeness that is riding dragons into battle I have a few things to say about the protagonist of Stories.


First of all, he looks a lot younger than a real hunter. Maybe it's the art style, but he looks like he's 12-13 years old. Considering that all the playable hunters are legal adults that's a stark age difference. And second, his armor looks like it's designed for Arctic (or at least low temperature) environments, so why is he wearing it in a forest/jungle? Unless that's what Jaggi/Velociprey armor looks like now, then it's completely forgiven. And finally, the Sword and Shield he was fighting with in the trailer is the Soldier's Dagger, the very first weapon hunters get at the very beginning of their careers. So it seems like he hasn't got the materials to make decent weapons yet. 

And finally I just have to point the one thing that I don't necessarily like about Stories (based off the one trailer that's on YouTube) and that is the Felyne helping the hunter at the beginning. In case you don't know the picture below is what Felynes normally look like.

 Image result for monster hunter stories felyne 
This is the normal design of the Felyne.


Image result for monster hunter stories 
For some reason Capcom decided to make 
Felynes look ridiculous. 

The Felyne looks silly to me. Sure it still is kind of cute, but the eyes look too small. The entire head looks a little bit like a dumpling now that I think about it. Seriously it looks like a dumpling.

And something that I do like about the trailer is that it opens up with the hunter and his Felyne doing the most infamous (and frustrating) thing in the entire game. Fighting Alatreon? Nope. Grinding for Sky-Swayers? Nope. It's stealing a monster's egg right from her nest. They put those missions in EVERY Monster Hunter game. In the main games, carrying a monster's egg cuts your running speed in half. But considering the Hunter carries the egg and easily outruns a very angry Tigrex (at full speed no less), it seems that's not the case here.

Monster Hunter Stories will be available in Japan sometime next year (2016) and it is unknown if it will come to North America or Europe. For more info watch the trailer on YouTube because that's literally all the info available at the moment.

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