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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Splatoon Review Part 1!!!

This post is a review on the game Splatoon, which came out a few days ago.

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However because I have yet to try out the multiplayer mode I am splitting the review into two parts: Part 1, where we talk about the Story mode, and Part 2, where I will share my thoughts on the multiplayer. One thing I do know about the multiplayer is that there is no voice chat. So stop complaining about it!

Anyway, in case you don't know what the game is, it's Nintendo's take on the shooter genre and making some fun and innovative changes to it. It's also the first completely original IP Nintendo had in years.

In Splatoon, you play as shape-changing squids called Inklings (pictured below). Inklings can take a humanoid form, in addition to becoming a squid. The main mechanic of Splatoon is painting everything in sight and being able to "swim" through your paint as a squid

Image result for splatoon inkling 
Inkling Girl!

Image result for splatoon inkling 
Inkling Boy!

Now switching between the two forms is vital in both modes. While as a squid, you can move faster and climb up walls (only when you are in your paint) and can jump farther, but you won't be able to attack. While in the humanoid form, your Inkling can use a large variety of paint themed weapons (paint rollers, paintball grenades, etc) but moves much slower. You can hide from enemies simply by transforming into a squid and staying still. Doing so makes you completely invisible.

Anyway, here is the main story of Splatoon. 

Once upon a time there was a city called Inkopolis. A race of octopus like creatures called the Octarians kidnap (or should I say "SQUID-nap!?) a giant puffer-fish called the Great Zapfish. The Great Zapfish powers the electricity of everything in Inkopolis. You can see why the Inklings want it back.

Image result for splatoon octarian 

Early on in this adventure your Inkling meets a creepy old dude named Captain Cuttlefish (and no, I am not making it up. The game literally called the captain a creepy old dude!). 

Image result for splatoon captain cuttlefish 
Captain Cuttlefish!!!

Something I should warn you is gear in story mode and gear in multiplayer are completely separate so if want to wear something snazzy in Story mode your out of luck.

Now I am going to share my thoughts on the Story mode.

The Story mode was fun. It was really fun. But it's really short. I got the game yesterday and I am already at the final world. In fact by the time you read this I have already beaten the game. There are lots of things about this game that I like that I assume at least one will carry over into the multiplayer. First is the attitude this game has. It never takes itself seriously. EVER. And that's what I like about video games. I play games to have fun, not to get absorbed into a dark and gritty revenge story. And Splatoon is the most carefree game EVER! Even though some people say the collectible Sunken Scrolls imply that the game has a massively hidden dark Side to it, I have yet to find any proof of these claims.

Another thing I liked was the Octoling Showdowns. There is at least one per world (there are five worlds) and they are one of the toughest moments in the entire game. Why? Because they do everything you do. And they can kill (or "splat" as the game calls it) in seconds if you are not careful. I've died so many times on the Octoling Showdown levels that I can't even count.

Image result for splatoon octoling 

I also loved the music in this game. It's like...90's...hip....and stuff. I don't have a ear for music OK!? But it sounds awesome, and that's all that matters! Speaking of sound, Almost every character also has a 90's hip type personality.

Another thing I loved about the game was the boss battles. There are five bosses, and all of them are cool. The very first boss, the Mighty OctoStomp, is a giant cube with a Octarian's face. To defeat it, your Inkling must shoot paint on the sides of the Mighty OctoStomp and when he tries to crush you, swim up his sides and shoot his weak spot (which is a Octopus tentacle with a neon green scar on it). 

   Image result for splatoon octostomp 
The Mighty OctoStomp!

All the bosses are amazing but most of them are easy once you see their attack patterns. By the way the story missions remind me a LOT of Super Mario Galaxy, especially the way the bosses explode when you defeat them.

But of course the final boss is an exception to the easy difficulty of the bosses. There are literally thousands of people praising Splatoon for having one of the most intense final bosses ever. But I don't know for myself because I haven't fought the final boss yet! I will let you know what I thought of the final boss in a editor's note or something.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I Just beat the final boss and it was actually funny. I know I said that the game never takes itself seriously, but the Final Boss is hilarious. And surprisingly difficult! Job well done for that final boss! I won't spoil how the boss is hilarious, just don't expect a big menacing Kraken like I did.

On another note, almost every level introduces a new puzzle mechanic that's really cool (shooting sponges to make them grow, sneaking from one side of the map to the other to avoid airstrikes, etc).

Overall, I loved the story mode of Splatoon. I just wish it was longer! And the Story Mode section of Splatoon gets a 9.7 out of 10 from me.

Stay tuned for my review of the multiplayer section of Splatoon.

If you want Splatoon it is available at GameStop for $59.99. It is also a Wii U exclusive.

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