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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beautiful Finches!

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS, I am doing what this blog was originally supposed to be. A public thingy of me talking about my everyday life. If you are new, this blog reviews/previews movies and video games and delivers news and stuff about gaming. And spreading hype for Monster Hunter and Splatoon apparently. Speaking of which there is going to be a Splatoon Splatfest tomorrow (which yours truly will be partaking in)!

Anyway, on to proper blogging. I have pet finches (I mentioned them in my super sad post on the unfortunate passing of Satoru Iwata)! Which is awesome because ever since I was a kid I wanted pet birds. And now I have pet finches (which are birds!)!

Image result for finches 
These guys are not my birds. I have pictures
of my birds but it takes AGES to put them on
my PC, so I found a random finch pic to serve
as a visual aid.

In case you know nothing about Finches, they are small seed-eating songbirds. Really small birds. On average they are only 3.8 inches (or the equivalent of 3.8 inches in case your country uses the Metric System).

Finches typically have short strong beaks. However a species of finch known as the Hawaiian Honeycreeper are famous for having several different shapes (and sizes) of beaks.

Finches normally live in well-wooded areas (such as forests). As stated above they are primarily seed-eating animals, but they won't turn up a chance to snack on a insect or berry.

Although they are songbirds and are very popular for their vocal talents, my finches just keep saying "Hey!" all day. Not really but their main chirp sounds like they are saying "Hey!" in a chipmunk voice.

Oh, and they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! They are the cutest little things ever!

Finches require a moderate of........RESPONSIBILITY!!! Yes. Me. Being responsible! Because you have to restock their feeders, their water fountain thingy, and their bird bath AND clean the whole cage out once a month.

Also, I have cats. Now I know what you are thinking, "SPENCER! How are you going to take care of your birds if cats are running around?". Well I will tell you. One cat doesn't even mess with the birds and just stares at them from a distance. The other cat is weird because he tries to mess with the birds in the morning but if you cover one side of the cage with a towel he leaves them alone. After noon he pretends the birds don't even exist. 

For more info about finches go to Wikipedia.


  1. Those are verh pretty birds. I would love to hear them. I love what you said about the cats hahaha.

  2. Very interesting and informative! Thank you for sharing! Sincerely, Miss Melanie

  3. Finches are cool! When I was your age, I raised Finches too! Great Blog!

  4. Very informative learning about the birds beaks. All I think about is Looney Toons Sylvester and Tweety. Glad to hear your cats have unique personalities though.

    1. And the funny thing is I named one of my cats after Daffy Duck because when you are a kid you name your pets whatever you want.